Make your brand Logo Remarkable!

What makes a remarkable logo? The logo is a brand’s face but also a symbol of the era in which it was created. You can judge that by the fact that all popular brands and companies are known because of their remarkable Logo. All big brands Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Nike and the millions of other brands of the world recognized by their eye-catching logo that tells a secret story.
If you want your logo to feel remarkable and relevant you need to keep an eye on how logo design trends are evolving. …

My 6 years of design career from Graphics designer to UI UX designer.

I started my professional career when I was still in University (Virtual University of Pakistan). This was my first part-time (freelance job) for a company LDC (logo design creator) based in KSA(Saudia Arabia). At the time, I am self-learner advance techniques of graphics design & Teaching Computer short courses in the well-known Institute (THE ANGLOPHILE INSTITUTE OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY).

Well! I started my professional career as a Graphics designer about 6 years ago with (LDC). I worked on more than 100 of the project with different (Sheikh :D) clients. …

Basit A. khan

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