why social media advertising is important

2 min readDec 16, 2023

We all know that a wide range of audience uses social media. Nowadays people are spending a lot of time on these social media apps every day. A study shows that the average screen time of a person is six hours and fifty-eight minutes. The people who spend time on social media enjoy watching videos and posts in different genres, but they don't want to see advertisements that are running on such social media. So it's all about the content. If we make an ad with interesting content which makes them engaged there is a chance of reaching a wide range of audiences in social media.

I suggest you connect the digital marketing strategist in Kannur and a professional marketing strategist in Kannur to reach your business to the target audience. A well-planned and designed content in the hands of a certified digital marketing strategist in Kannur can change the game. Target advertising
is a very interesting topic because we know that mass media can reach up to many audiences and it is very costly, but when we look at online advertising we can target a particular audience and display ads only to them. There are a lot of detailed audience categories in the Meta and Google Ads Manager.

I told you about a wide range of audiences because we can also select a large amount of area to advertise or a specific amount of area in a country to market or advertise. Social media helps people communicate with businesses and is also reciprocal. There is a big opportunity in advertising on social media. One of the most excited feature in meta ad manager is we can ad a button to redirect your customer to a place where you want them to be.