The Dark Side of Humor.

Ask any random person what they think about people with a sense of humor. In general they will say it’s a good quality, and those people are lucky to have it. And why the hell not? A funny person is fun to be around, and it is damn near impossible to be bored if the person keeping you company has a considerable sense of humor. Any awkward situation is less awkward in their presence (barring the cases where the person is awkward and funny simultaneously), and any depressing situation is considerably less depressing.

But I have been around enough genuinely funny people to know that this is not always true, for some people this personality trait comes at a considerable personal cost. Being a funny person is not always a gift.

Everyone looks at them and thinks “Wow, this person is really chill”. But what they don’t see is that there’s a lot more going on with them than what’s visible on the surface.

Their humor is a coping mechanism trying to distract them from their crippling sense of insecurity.

Every joke they make is a cry for help.

I have been around them, I have stayed up entire nights wondering what I could do to make things better for them.

I have always failed.