What if Dr. Seuss provided tech support?

Also known as Read Across America Day :)

When your inbox hits the limit and it just won’t let you in 
 There’s a place that you can call to make it all work right again 
 When you’ve just forgot your password and can’t find it in your notes 
 There’s a place that you can call to help recover what you wrote

When a virus starts a-stalking, knocking on your firewall 
 What can you do? You guessed it: there’s a place that you can call 
 For the malware, for the spyware, for the scams of every type 
 There’s inspection and protection, friendly help for all your gripes

From the top of the monitor to the tip of the mouse 
 There is care for each digital ware in your house 
 You can call it any time, night or day, for support 
 No matter what the problem is, they’ll be in your court

Need a backup? Need a tuneup? Need a friendly helping hand? 
 Need to update? Need to downgrade? Need to research techie brands? 
 While it’s great to call your daughter or your son to help you out 
 Sometimes they’re just too busy to drop in and solve your doubts

So when you’re staring at an error screen that makes you want to scream 
 Don’t get angry, don’t get frazzled, don’t do anything extreme 
 Just take a breath and count to ten, pick up the phone and ask 
 “Can you help me?” and the answer comes — “Of course we can, we’re Bask!”

Happy Dr. Suess Day! :) Today would have been his 112th birthday. May his passion for creativity and discovery live on.

Originally published at www.bask.com on March 2, 2016.

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