Introducing Baskit

Leading to “Making the world your store”

Every entrepreneur has been there… that morning where you wake up and say to yourself, “Hey, why isn’t anyone else doing this?”. As most of us know, it’s not just one morning that builds a big idea, but a journey with many obstacles that never stop testing your startup’s foundation and resolve. From idea to startup it’s a growth period in itself where most founders need to decide, is this worth a shot?

Baskit started off as a BIG dream idea, from that one morning when we decided that disrupting the entire world of shopping would not only benefit many people, but would also be a ton of fun! Diego and I happen to be part of that group of individuals who enjoy breaking and re-structuring things, so the “big idea” was right up our alley.

So what was the big idea you ask? Well, essentially, we wanted to connect Brick & Mortar stores to the e-commerce industry with the ability to have all your accounts in-sync so your online and offline shopping would become one.

We also had some cool features in mind where you would be able to put items on hold online and then walk into the store to have them already set for you by size and fit. Our algorithms would detect your dimensions and only put items aside that you had a better chance of buying; bringing back looking and feeling the item before purchasing via mobile app in store.

In theory, that would absolutely revolutionize the way we shop today, and get B&M stores excited about finally competing on the same level as e-commerce. However, as we got into the implementation, there were too many brick walls that simply couldn’t be moved because industry leaders have maintained their stores and operations the same way for the last 80+ years and were not willing to trust a startup with something new. We knew that coming in with a pitch about a huge proposition that involved many changes to their business would not only cost the merchant lots of money to implement (simply based on how behind they are with technology) but would create bigger problems for us with constantly frustrated clients.

A pivot was needed, but we didn’t know what to do. Here we were sitting on a big opportunity without any idea about the one area we wanted to focus on first.

As research and late night brainstorming sessions continued, our starting point became wanting to create a connectivity between multiple sites and merchants. (Like eBay for the world)

With that one starting point, our friends were bombarded with surveys and questions about their shopping habits and things they wanted to change. Our starting point was finally growing into a venture. After all the information was collected, we concluded that: 1. Our friends use their shopping carts to bookmark items online (yes, they are browsers) 2. They hate shipping & handling fees (don’t we all?) and 3.Completing multiple transactions at a time to get 3-4 items from different sites really irks them (You can probably tell they’re Amazon lovers).

And that’s how Baskit got started. We decided to solve 2 out of the 3 issues with our MVP which became a universal shopping cart integrated with the merchants’ baskets for buyers to be able to purchase from multiple e-tailers through one Baskit transaction. And YES, we have wishlists, bookmarking categories all lined up for you Pinterest fans.

For merchants, we solve one of the biggest problems they have (which is a hush hush issue in e-commerce that contributed to a $462 billion in revenue loss last year) called cart abandonment and for shoppers we’re providing convenience and accessibility with trustwothy merchants.

It’s really that simple..not. We have a long journey ahead of us.

If you’ve read until now, you have to go check us out @! Sign up as a shopper or a brand, and we’ll keep you updated on our progress!

““The best way to predict the future is to create it.” — Peter Drucker