Education Builds Leaders

Most of us now think about education as one important column in the building of our life, a stage that we and our kids should pass by and go through and even though we know how much important it is, we never give ourselves the chance to think about the benefits it will actually bring into our lives later on. It is not just about learning the alphabet, not about learning numbers, and it is not even about understanding the meanings of words or getting the chance to know some information about how this world along with the bodies of human beings are supposed to work, but education is about opening the mind, giving it the chance to think differently and creatively, and making it able to handle different situations and solve problems.

Why is Education Important?

The first thing coming to the mind of the person when the word “education” is mentioned is that this phase of the person’s life is a must and that he/she should always pass by and go through. This is of course true, but people should sometimes ask themselves some of those questions which they have never thought about; they should try to ask their minds why they have always considered education and educated people as one important thing in life, is it because it will give them the job opportunities they are dreaming about, is it because they will understand a lot of things which they might not get the chance to understand otherwise, or is it because they know it is important and that all the people have to pass by?

Being realistic enough, I have to say that with the internet and the technological development that took place in the past years, you could search for any piece of information and find it on the internet, not only that, but you will even receive different researches done by those who were trying to get some information regarding the same issue. Books are also effective when it comes to gaining more information and there are different ways that you could get the chance to learn from that might not be only related to going to school and being educated through it.

Even though the internet has helped a lot regarding this issue that it even paved the way for the online education and for those who are homeschooled, there are still some positive effects which the person will manage to gain from going to a school, making friends in them, talking to teachers and peers, and even sharing in some of the educational games with others instead of doing them all at home. Building your character, gaining the important communication skills, meeting new faces, and getting the chance to think and work within a group, are all different benefits which your child will manage to gain when it comes to the phase of education; the phase that brings them out of homes and into schools and universities.

Education is important because:

- It Gives People the Tools Needed to Live in this World

This is the main purpose of education, the one that we all know and the one which we enter the realm of schools and universities for, which is knowing how to live in this world. Living in this world is not just about breathing in and out because that is one thing which you do not need any schools for, but living in this world needs someone who knows how to read, how to write, how to calculate, etc. This is one reason why online education or even being educated at home by your family is one possible way because they will know how to do that with you and they could even search the internet for new and fun ways according to the age of the child.

The difference between learning at school and learning at home comes in the people who are with your kid in school; he/she will see those with the same age who are learning the same things and are trying to think in the same ways, not only that, but sometimes the teacher might manage to make competitions which parents at home will never be able to do especially if they have one child only. This is why schools are important, but regarding the way you are going to educate your child, you should know that it is important because it will give him/her the chance to know how to live in this world.

This is considered the most famous reason behind the importance of education and the base for all the others, because without knowing how to read, write, or even calculate and know the numbers and alphabet, you might fail to think creatively, solve problems, and be able to communicate effectively with the people surrounding you in your life.

- It Builds the Characters of those Children When they Grow up

Coming deeper into some of the benefits which people might not believe that they are connected in some way to education, I want to tell you that education is the base of the character which you have at this point as a grown up and the base for the character which your child will end up having in the future. Yes, it is about the numbers and letters and it is about knowing how to read and write them, but this knowledge which the person will manage to have and starts his/her life with is the thing that will open this mind in the future and thus fill it with some important information, thoughts, and ideas which are going to shape the character of that person.

Education is important for every single thing in life and when it comes to the adult life, I have to say that the person will pay for every single thing he/she missed during the educational years. Any job in the world or entering any career out there needs someone who is literate and able to take the role and this usually comes from basic skills related to numeracy and literacy, not only that, but it is also related to the communication skills, the ability to work among a group, as well as other important things which education is the one thing responsible for.

You will always be able to differentiate between that one person who is educated and the one who is not; the first one will usually know how to use his/her mind to think and find answers for the questions and solutions for the problems and he will know how to handle the different tasks, while the one who is not will lack the ability to do so and deal with the different tasks and opportunities which might appear in the workplace or even in the everyday life struggles.

- It is Important for Things Beyond the Career World

I have mentioned how important it is to get educated in general, whether it is related to knowing about this world in general and gaining the basic initial skills, or else it is about building the character which you are going to live with in the adult life or which will be the main reason behind being placed in a specific position or filling a specific job role. In addition to those two different important things related to the importance of education, you have to know that it even builds the characters which will turn out to be good friends, good family members, good citizens in the community, and so on.

Having an uneducated parent means that there are different problems and unwanted situations that you will pass by, it includes not being able to direct you as a child into the right directions all the time, it might be related to not being able to make and take the right decisions, and it could be also related to educating the child with some wrong behaviors and bad norms. Having an uneducated friend might lead to different problems and he/she might take you to the places which you are not supposed to be in. The problem is that the uneducated parent or friend might be you at the end if you never paid enough attention to your education and gave yourself the chance to open your mind to the world.

Being a good citizen who understands how to respect the country, how to help in making it all a better place, and knowing how to take the right actions and when to contribute in order to build a better community, are all things built with the education that the person has gone through because this kind of education teaches him/her to think about the world, about having good deeds, about helping those who might be in need for help, about looking at the bright side of the picture before deciding to look at the dark one, and eventually with all those different things, looking at the community and serving it in the most needed ways and building one that is considered better for the country as a whole.

- It is the Tool Used for Awareness

There are millions of things happening in this world which are only leading to its destruction and this mainly comes from the uneducated characters found around the world or those who might not have the right amount of knowledge or who haven’t gone through the needed education process or stages and thus are easily affected by the opinions of those surrounding them no matter how much they might turn out to be wrong or might lead them to the wrong directions in life.

Corruption, terrorism, abuse, harassment, and many other issues that the world is dealing with and facing every single day, are all acts that come out from those who are not strong enough and who didn’t pay much attention to the characters which they have been building. These characters as I have already said at the beginning of the article comes from the education that every single one of them has gone through because this education didn’t give the mind enough information and knowledge about these issues and didn’t make it open enough to understand how they happen, why they are supposed to be avoided, why people should always conquer them, and how to differentiate between what is good and what is bad.

This awareness is needed to make all the world aware of what they are supposed to defend and contribute to and what they are supposed to fight against and stand in its face and this kind of awareness comes from the educated minds which know what they are supposed to do in order to send a specific picture to the community and the public and make them able to understand and able to contribute.

- It is the Main Cause of Development

Education gives birth to the knowledgeable and open minds, those minds build the good characters, and these characters turn out to be the leaders at the end who will help in developing the industry they are working in and thus will manage to develop the whole country they belong to as well. The developed countries are those which its people respect the laws and know when to follow them and that is how they reach the highest levels and become at the top of the most educated ones.

You will never find one country with a huge amount of literacy that is considered a developed one, because even though the power might still be in the hands of those educated characters, they might need a little bit of time in order to pass their knowledge over to those who are in need for it and might still need some help in order to build the right educational curriculum which the country will be applying and following.

Education is the main player in the process of developing the country; it gives people the chance to not only understand themselves, but also be able to understand all those around them as well and from this point they try to put themselves in other people’s shoes, know how they might be thinking and what might be causing them some problems, and then start to handle these issues and solve them, which eventually reduce the amount of problems in this country and make it a more developed one.

General Education

Education is now different, there are new ways used in teaching kids and children which might be more fun and more interesting for them and that might be the one motivating factor that could push them forward to explore and try to get as much knowledge as possible and learn as much as they can. Every new idea planted in the educational world comes from a mind that has gone through this educational process which shows how much education is needed and how much it will serve the coming generations.

Every educated person out there will always pave the way for someone coming next in any way possible; it is something that tends to pass from one person to another so that they would all eventually reach the end point and manage to contribute and serve the community as a whole. There are now different educational games for kids which are used in different countries in order to make the whole process appear more interesting, give them the chance to learn through playing — which is considered the most important thing in the life of the child — and at the same time give them the ability to link between the letters, words, and numbers which they have learnt to the playing world they enjoy, which will eventually build new skills for them.

Always keep in mind that part of educating your child comes in the choice of the place they are educated in; I have met different types of personalities, those who have been educated in excellent schools and colleges as well as those who have been educated in ones which are a little bit less in their level. The first ones usually tend to have thoughts and ideas which are realistic and could add something to the community or even to the problem they are facing, while this was not always the case with those who came from the second category. Always keep in mind that the level is in the thing being given to students in class and not in the economic level, because the latter should never be used as a measurement scale.

I have to say that education is definitely important and not just in the amount of knowledge that the mind manages to carry, but also in the way that person carrying that mind can talk, communicate, and be able to deliver ideas and thoughts without causing problems and with being totally understood. It is important to speak out and demand for education, not only for you but for all the generations coming after and always make sure to open the minds of those new generations about how important education is to build their characters, give their minds the ability to work in the right direction, and at the same time give them the chance to land on the right roles and jobs in the future.