The Good and Bad about Working from Home

The online world along with the social media websites, opened the door for all the different jobs that could give the person the chance to work from home; as a freelancer, as a part time worker, or even as a full time employee. As much as people always link working from home to beds and pajamas, they should understand that the stress which the person is always placed under along with the different disadvantages that might come his/her way are numerous and that is the reason why there are still some of those who hate the idea of working from home, no matter how much it is going to benefit them in general. Everything comes with its good and bad and that is exactly the same with working from home, so you should always pay attention to taking the right decision when it comes to it.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

The type of work which you will become part of will always depend on the career you are working in. Working as a writer could give you the chance to be a freelancer, work as a part time employee for a specific company, or even be a fulltime employee while at the same time managing to do and achieve all the tasks from home. Working as a designer will usually give you the chance to deal with the three different possibilities, but there are some job roles which will require the actual existence of the employee in the workplace and those are the ones which you should never even think about working from home if you belong to any of them.

I have been working from home for almost three years now and as a writer, I have been enjoying it to a great extent but that only happens because I pay attention to the things missing from the workplace experience and try to make them part of my life, not only that, but I try to enjoy the different opportunities which my job manages to give me since it only requires my mind, my laptop, my connection to the internet, as well as having those skills of knowing how to manage my time, how to handle a lot of tasks, and how to use my mind to come up with new ideas and form articles which the reader will enjoy at the end.

As much as it might seem easier to get out of bed and head directly to your desk instead of changing your clothes and going down to the street to reach your office, there are still some other disadvantages which working from home jobs could still bring right to your doorstep. The professional employee is always the one who knows how to not let the disadvantages rule the advantages and work hard on dealing with the things that might be bothering him/her.

Here are some of the advantages that work from home jobs offer and which I enjoy having since I work from my own place:

- You will Get the Chance to Achieve More Work During the Day

It is not just because of those distractions which you might face in any working area, whether it is the small talks that happen between the employees, the lunch breaks or the general breaks which are taken, or even the help which you might offer to another coworker whenever they are in need for; all these things are considered distractions, not because they are not needed, but because they are things which you will never face if you are working at home all on your own. Eventually, you will realize at some point that these distractions are the main reason why you might find yourself short in time when it comes to achieving a specific task or else find yourself with loads of things to be done without knowing how and when you are going to work on them.

When you are working from home, there are different things which you will be the one responsible for; you will choose the time to get up on, the amount of work you are going to do during the day, as well as the number of breaks you will take and how much time you are going to spend in every single one of them. Some companies deal with those working from home employees by letting them sign in to a specific program to count the numbers of hours they have managed to do during the whole month, no matter they have chosen to do that in the morning or else at night, and those are considered the ones more flexible and the ones being more advantageous to those working from home.

In other words, we could say that those who work from home will always be the ones in control of everything, starting from the times they are going to work in and ending with the amount of work they will achieve during the day, just putting one thing in their minds, which is the tasks which they have to submit along with the times they have to submit them on.

- It Gives the Person More Flexibility in General

Being the one in control when it comes to the different tasks is one important thing but there are still other important benefits and advantages which those who are searching for jobs to work from home will manage to receive, such as having more flexibility in their lives. Flexibility comes in choosing the tasks to be done during the day, the time to work on and the number of hours which you are going to work, and at the same time it comes in the way the person will manage to shape and make the schedule of the whole day.

There are those who prefer to start their days with exercising, going for a walk, or even enjoying a good breakfast by the sun, and even though this might be a possible thing to happen with those who go to offices, it will still urge them to get up early in the morning in order to be on time on their desks. On the other side, working from home could give you the chance to wake up a little bit later than those who go to offices but still manage to do your favorite habit before sitting on your desk and starting to work on the different tasks that you have.

A lot of people might not consider this an advantage but through my experience I would definitely put it as one because when emergency situations occur, you might head right for them and deal with your problems without the need to ask your manager for it, not because he/she will not know later on, but because you will still go back home at any time and deal with your job, being the one losing the night life at this point but at the same time being the one choosing that in the first place.

- Help Those Working as Freelancers

Among the different opportunities which those working from home manage to receive — me being among the list — they will succeed at accepting more freelance work and getting the chance to do more, not because they are going to ditch the original work but because they will get the chance to switch between the tasks and get some of those related to the freelance jobs in the middle of the original ones. A lot of people fail at doing anything other than their work when they are in the office because it is not allowed and at the same time they might not get the time to do so, but those who are working from home are more able to handle those freelance tasks more easily.

Working from home does not mean that you are a freelancer because you might be a fulltime employee or even a part time one, but even though you might be one of these, you will always be the one taking control of the time to work in (in special cases only and according to the job role itself, you might be obliged to be online on specific hours) and thus you will be able to accept more freelance opportunities which you might not be able to accept if you are one of those who go to their offices every single day and have to finish specific tasks before they go back home.

The only case for those to accept freelance work is if they are willing to forget about their personal lives because they will do the work at night, but those working from home will be able to take care of both because they might do some freelance and some original work during the working hours, without having that boss who is not accepting the idea or without being obligated to do the thing in total privacy.

In addition to those good and positive points, there are still those which you will need to pay attention to and which come under the category of disadvantages:

- You will Not Get the Same Privileges of the Office Job

A lot of people consider the work from home careers as those which are unsafe, they might not provide the worker with insurance and they might not impose the same working laws on the worker. Some people might see this as an opportunity while others might see it as a negative thing; it will always depend on the person, the responsibilities of life imposed on him/her, as well as the way he/she is living in general.

From my personal point of view, this is considered one of the bad things which you might face, even though you might not deal with a lot of incidents that need the medical insurance for example, you will still need it at a specific time of your life. When it comes to the laws, sometimes it is considered a good thing for them not to be followed, while in other situations it is considered a bad thing; one important example for this is the vacations which you are allowed to take, those who work from home and get paid according to the hours they work will always have the number of days they might want but at the same time they will lose money not working for a long period of time and at the end will not receive the monthly payment which they are used to and which they are in need for.

In order not to fall in the dilemma of finding it hard to work from home due to these laws which are not applied on you, you could apply them yourself; count the days which you have taken off in order not to make them pass the ones allowed in your country and so on when it comes to all the other things which might be not pleasing for you.

- You Might Get Bored So Easily

There are different working from home tips which you might get the chance to receive if you have been searching for them, these tips are usually about what you are supposed to get always motivated and inspired, what you are supposed to do in order to manage your time and finish your work, and what you are supposed to do in order not to lose your energy and get the chance to do all the tasks which you are supposed to work on and finish.

One of the disadvantages of working from home online is the fact that you are not going to deal with people face to face and you might not even get the chance to have a lot of interactions in general, which is one thing that might bring boredom right into your place and not only that, but it will also ruin all those communications skills which you have been trying to build and enhance throughout your previous experiences. Communication skills are important and might be one of the different traits that build the right personalities and place them in the right job roles and give them the chance to deal with all the different personalities out there.

Among the different things which you are supposed to do in order to avoid this problem or disadvantage is to change your place of work; go to parks, to coffee shops, and even go to those working areas which are mainly done to serve those who work from home, this way you will still get the chance to have some interactions with other people and not lose those communication skills which you already have.

- You Might Miss Some of the Fun Times Spent at Work

It doesn’t matter how much you are in love with the idea of working from home, you will still miss those fun times which you used to have with your coworkers in the workplace. These are usually the events which come during the holidays or other celebrations that the leaders decide to celebrate with the rest of the team, and these are the times when you feel that taking a breath in the middle of all the chaos is important.

Talking about those celebrations and how important they are, we have to mention one important thing, working among a group is important and since working from home might not be related to any groups, it might be difficult for the person to handle that again if he/she decided to go out and start working in an office one more time. Working among a team is beneficial because when different minds correlate with one another, problems are usually solved and new ideas are usually formed, and that is the reason why teamwork is always one of the things asked for when it comes to the skills needed in the employee applying for a new job position.

This might be one thing you will miss when it comes to the work from home job which you are filling, but in order not to lose yourself to it all, you could manage to go through some celebrations with your friends and family members and even try to change the decoration of the desk or the small space you are working at in home to give yourself the chance to feel the difference.

It is not only about the skills needed in the employee whether he is going to work from home or else work from an office, but it is also about the other simple and small details which might be taken from you or else given to you. Working from home is not as easy as those working from offices think, because the person working from home will be losing some of the privileges which those working in an office are gaining and which might be considered very important for them. Always choose the job that will best suit you and then start dealing with the positives and negatives on your own, and always choose your talent and your comfort over choosing money because this will end up putting you in an office.