The Importance of Creating a Travel Blog

Having the creative mind that could mix between the pictures you have taken during your last vacation and some words is not always a possible hobby for all the travelers out there, but there are those who know how to take the best photos and then share them with the public by knowing how to describe the whole place and experience in some inspirational words. The idea of having a blog is something common nowadays especially with the way people tend to depend on the internet and social media through which they get the chance to explore different new blogs as well.

Personal blogs are really helpful, they not only give the person the chance to become a little bit known and get different people to read his/her words, but it is even helpful for those who might be searching for advices from others who have been through the same experience before and can offer some help. Travel blogs are the most helpful in this case because the experience which you have managed to share could provide another person with some tips if he/she is heading to the same destination.

How to Create a Travel Blog?

Creating a blog in general might be the easiest task you could be responsible for when it comes to the internet world but it will always depend on the purpose of that blog. Some people create blogs in order to show their talent in writing, others create blogs to show their talent in photography, and there are those who might create their personal blogs in order to show their talent in cooking, decorating, making customized cakes, etc.

When it comes to the traveling part, I have to mention that it might be considered one of the easiest blogs to create, not because you are not going to pay much attention to it, but mainly because you will depend on actual and real things that happened to you in the real world and you are going to share the photos which you have managed to take in order to share your experience along and make everything appear much clearer to the reader.

Travel blogs are those which need to deliver two main important things for the reader; the real photos which the person was the one taking while being on the trip, as well as the tips, descriptions, or even stories which are attached to those photos. The best thing about these blogs is that the blogger does not have to be a professional writer or even a creative one; it could just go with knowing how to put down the words into a neat way that could be easily understood by the reader, making sure that there are no grammatical mistakes at least.

In order to create your own travel blog, you should make sure that you are going to be dedicated for it; you are going to care about posting things all the time and you will even manage to share full stories and not just leave the reader trying to guess some of the missing parts. If you are someone who loves travel, do it all the time, and you want the world to make use of your experience then you have to create your own travel blog and here is what you need to be doing:

- Understand What a Blog truly Means

A lot of people think that they understand what the word blog means and what they are supposed to be doing on these sites, but they actually fail to deliver the needed purpose from them. At the beginning of this journey related to creating your own blog, it is important to make a brief research about what these blogs are, what they are supposed to be carrying, how they are supposed to look like, and what kind of information you should share on them, because at this point your understanding might serve you to move on to the step that should be coming up next.

Before deciding on taking the first step into the world of blogging, give yourself the chance to go through different blogs which already exist out there; know how did they managed to start, what are they doing to keep their blog attracting more readers, whether they are creating it for themselves just to entertain the world or else creating it as part of having their own personal business blogs, etc.

You have to understand that it is not just about knowing how to create a blog in the technical way and which gadgets or other websites you are supposed to know about and know how they are supposed to be used in order to help you, but you have to understand how to create a blog in the more creative way to be able to serve those who might pass by it to gain some information or help themselves receive valuable tips and advices.

- Choose the Right Name

After you have gone through the first step which is related to understanding what a blog actually is and why it is usually created, you have to move on to the next step which is related to creating your own personal blog and coming up with the final look which will be most describing the purpose of the blog. For those who are trying to pass on their experience in travelling and share their stories in the destinations they have been to, they should create a travel blog that will be considered the best for this purpose.

I have to say that the top travel blogs are those which have unique and different names that give me the chance to remember them easily and quickly without having to go back every now and then to the search engine in order to find that travel blog which I liked the last time. Choosing the name might not be easy but it will definitely make or break your blog; it will either make it a successful attraction or else will manage to ruin it and never attract any viewers or readers to it.

Keeping the name short, simple and unique are all tips which you might have heard before because a long name might not be easily remembered which will also be the same case with the difficult words that are chosen, but making it unique, somehow related to you or something that you have been always differentiated with and at the same time making it flexible, applicable to different times and places, you will manage to land your name in the middle of all those already found and get the amount of viewers you want to start with.

- Focus on the Main Pages of the Blog

There are different steps which you will need to go through in order to make sure that the name you have chosen is yours and that it is registered for you on the internet, that is why it is important to sign up on Hostgator and then download and install WordPress. After going through those initial steps which every single blogger out there should always consider, you have to think about other important things related to the creation of the blog, such as focusing on the main pages which a lot of people out there never pay much attention to.

We have to admit that most of those travel blog sites which are not much caring about the main pages are related to those who are doing it all as part of their hobbies and not something that is related to a real business they are trying to start. On the other hand, you will always realize that those who are doing this blog thing for serving their business needs will always care about the tiniest and smallest details which you might even know nothing about.

The main pages which we are referring to are related to the “About Page” which you should make use of to tell the viewer about who you are and why you have decided to start that blog in the first place and why it might help them, and you will even provide them with a history about you and the things you have done if you have any. In addition to the About Page there is also the “Contact Page” which you will need in order to give your readers the needed contact information for them to be able to reach you if they need any further information or have any questions to ask. After that comes the “Privacy Page” which is responsible for knowing what the laws on the site are, and then the “Copyright Page” to give the visitors the chance to know that you own this site and its name.

Those are the most important tips to follow when it comes to starting your blog in general but since we are specifically referring to the travel logs out there, you have to follow the important steps related to creating the most successful blog out there in order to get the views that you want and end up with a good number of followers.

- Choose the Right Things to Share

If your only job will be creating this blog and posting things and sharing on it, you have to understand that you should know a lot of other important information that might be related to the SEO as well as get the chance to understand how you could know about the number of people who got the chance to view your blog and spend some time on it.

Moving deeper into creating this travel blog which you want, you will need to choose the right stories to share; you will need to choose those unique things which you have come across and considered yourself one of those rare who got the chance to witness them, you will need to share the things you have managed to discover, as well as share some of the bad as well as the good experiences which you faced in order to help people know what they are supposed to do and what they are supposed to avoid.

You have to make sure that the story you are sharing carries some photos or even videos to backup what you are trying to say. Some people choose to share photos with just mentioning the names of the places in them without having any stories to provide, this type of blogging is found out there and there are even some viewers for it as well, but it would be more useful for the reader to gain any piece of information before leaving the blog and posting some photos might not be that helpful because the reader might manage to get it somewhere else, and even if this photo is considered unique and different, it might still fail to deliver anything to the reader other than the way the place looks like; no tips, no advices, and nothing he/she could make use of before heading to that destination.

- Post Every Trip You Spend

Travelling blogs are related to those who manage to travel several times during the year because they are the ones who will end up having the right amount of content which they could provide their blog with because the blog needs to be always refilled with new items and photos in order not to be left behind and then die easily being forgotten.

Any blog out there should be updated all the time, at least two times during the whole week or even if you are not doing it for a business reason or purpose, it should be updated at least once weekly. Some people find it difficult because they lack the material which they are going to use in order to create one blog post or have an article to represent to the world. The travelling blogs are a little bit different because they are not just about the article which your creative mind will come up with, but it is about the real stories which you have lived and which you want to share, and that is exactly why you need the right material that will give you the chance to do so at least once weekly.

As a blogger, your mind should be always working in the creative direction which means that you are supposed to be taking photos while at the same time building in your mind the blog posts which you are going to work on once you are back. It is important to write the full story on your blog but always keep in mind that you might not be travelling during the coming months and weeks and thus you need to leave something behind in order to use later on.

The Best Travel Blogs Will Change Your Life

There are different websites out there which help in directing people towards knowing the things they are supposed to do in a specific country and at the same time give them the chance to get some ideas about the places they could visit in this destination, that’s of course in addition to the different websites which provide you with some easiness in booking a place to stay in or booking your flights.

In addition to these helpful websites, the idea of having a blog out there ends up being more casual; you tend to read things which normal people who are not professional in the traveling world have written and thus you believe what they are sharing more easily and think that it is in some way more related to you and your personality. There are several things which you might realize that they are changing in the way you spend your vacation, such as:

- You will realize that traveling is fun and all but it will not be the same as it used to be. You will start to focus on enjoying the place you are in while at the same time giving yourself some time to work on your blog. A lot of travel bloggers choose to do that work when they are back home but there are those who believe that doing something on the spot will always provide them with more fresh ideas.

- You will not just feel bad about something you didn’t like in the country you are visiting, but you will also feel bad because you want to be always honest with your readers and this means that what you have been through will be also written for them. Any blog out there receives readers and likes according to the person writing them and not only according to the story, so when a reader likes your post, it means that he/she likes you too as well.

- You will realize that blogging is changing the person you are because you are getting past that post which you used to write and share only with yourself into sharing it with a wide range of people, even if your audience at the beginning will still be very small. Blogging in general changes the person you are and it works on decreasing the feeling of self-doubt which you might be living with.

- And finally, I have to mention that the idea of having a personal blog makes you always eager about knowing people’s opinions when it comes to the things you are sharing with them; you will need to know what they think about your traveling experience, you will need to hear their comments about the post you have written, and in return you will need to answer all their needs and questions in order to keep the already existing readers and win new ones.

Travelling is a lot more fun and this is doubled when you starting taking an action and start sharing your experience with the people on the internet world. It might be a little bit of hard work if you are taking this blogging thing as a job, but it will still be considered adventurous and exciting because you will be willing to do new things and share new posts with your readers.

Creating a blog is easy, I have created my own writing blog as a part of filling my free time with my hobby, but it is important to keep focused and always keep your blog updated because that is what I failed at while keeping up with the demands of life regarding work and family. If you want to start and create your travel blog then make sure that you have enough pictures, that you have enough stories, and that you will be able to keep up with that blog and keep posting new things on it in order to keep it living, and remember that you are going to experience traveling in a whole different new way.