7 colors in home interior and furniture

Color palette is one of the most important elements of home interior, decor and furniture. As a visual characteristic, the color forms the overall look and feel of your living space, while influencing on human mood. Our feelings may change under influence of wall, floor and furniture colors. It’s a very important task to combine colors and shades in your home interior and find the perfect palette, which will give you inspiration and express your taste and individual style.


Black is one of the most popular color solution in furniture and interior.
 It brings dramatic vibe and works well with other colors and shades. Sofas and chairs in black velvet upholstery will emphasize traditional interior, while modern/minimalist furniture wrapped in black leather is well suited for formal residential and commercial areas.

Black is a unique and versatile color option if you want to make a centerpiece in your living space. Walls painted in black is a good solution for studios, showrooms and contemporary home interiors.
Looks great with: almost any color including orange, pink, green, red, purple, yellow and white.


Furniture in white has airy and lightweight look. White is a perfect color choice for small and tight spaces. Walls painted in white will visually expand the space and bring more air and light to the room.

White brings natural feel and cozy atmosphere to home interior, while serving as a base/background for creating an entire room design. It’s a perfect color option for upholstered beds, sofas, chairs, and high gloss lacquered coffee tables, TV stands etc.

Looks great with: almost any color. For the best combination, mix white with blue, red and black.


Red is a bringer of energy, passion and action. It’s a symbol of life, blood and fire. Furniture upholstered in red fabric/leather will surely become a bold centerpiece of the room. Rich, bright and vivid, the shades of red offer a wide specter of emotional/mental perceptions.

Red is a good antidepressant and a motivator. On the other hand, furniture and decorative elements in red and pink are able to set a romantic aura.

Shades of red: rosewood, burgundy, ruby, vermilion, scarlet, crimson, auburn.

Looks great with: blue, green, grey, gold, yellow and black


Associating with the Sun, joy, wealth and freedom, yellow and shades of yellow are able to enliven your living room, dining or kids’ room. In spite of its lightness, yellow in furniture, decor or accessories will add a visual interest to the room’s design. Use accent chairs in yellow fabric, wool or leather, area rugs, table lamps and throw pillows to make your indoor space more lively and bright.

Shades of yellow: lemon, banana, gold, mustard, pineapple, Dijon, butter, corn, fire, blonde.

Looks great with: grey, purple, brown, green and black


Green is a blend of yellow and blue. Green is a symbol of the Nature, flora, spring, youth, life and energy. Bring green shades with natural flowers and plants. Designed by the Nature, greenery serves as both beautiful element of home interior/exterior, and air cleaner.

For better effect, it’s not recommended to use green as the main color of the room. An accent chair, curtains, area rug, vase or small decorative item will become a perfect accent.

Shades of green: mint, lime, emerald, sea foam, fern, pistachio.

Looks great with: red, black, orange and yellow


Due to a richness of blue shades, it’s a great color option for traditional styled interiors. Dark blue walls and furniture will cool the overall look of the room and set calm atmosphere. Light blue color in furniture and decor is able to add more light and air, while working well with modern spaces.
Shades of blue: navy, azure, sky, indigo, arctic, ocean, denim, teal

Looks great with: red, grey, gold


Grey and shades of grey will help to keep balance between other colors. Serving as a background for mixing other colors, neutral grey looks good in everything from furniture frames and upholstery to wall paint and decorative accents. Highlighting exquisiteness and luxury of traditional interior and complementing minimalism of modern styling, grey color is a multipurpose solution for home interior.

Shades of grey: dove, charcoal, ash, graphite, silver, shadow.

Looks great with: blue, pink, brown, yellow, black, red, purple