How to Choose the Color of the Sofa

In order the new sofa fit organically into the interior of the room, and not look like a stain on the background of the surrounding space, you should carefully approach the choice of its color. In addition, the sofa should be combined with the general style of the room, be practical in use, and also positively influence the mood and well-being of the owners.

Before purchasing and search for an ideal furniture for the interior, try to determine the leading color scheme of the interior. In order to fill the atmosphere in the room with coziness, soft furniture should be combined with the color of the wallpaper. Here are the main principles of harmony of the hue of the walls and the color of the sofa.

· Monochrome. If you decide to buy furniture that in color would be maximally suited to the walls, but prefer a sofa for a few tones lighter or darker than the basic shade. This will not break the color scheme of the room, nor it will allow the sofa to merge with the walls

· Neutral tone. Neutral shades are ideal for upholstery of gray, beige, white or black colors

· A stylish solution. If the room walls are in neutral tones, then you can slightly dilute the monotony of the interior with soft furniture of bright colors

· The sofa of natural and discreet colors will favorably emphasize bright walls

Some styles of the interior require certain color furniture solutions. In order to emphasize the mood of the room, use the following principles:

· Minimalism in the interior will be completed with a stroke in the form of a gray, white or black sofa

· If you prefer a classic style, then choose a sofa in brown, sand, white or blue

· The room in the style of techno will successfully fit soft furniture of white, black, red, blue colors

· Art deco also involves the use of saturated colors like yellow, blue, black, red or beige.

· The country style will organically emphasize the sofa like “the colors of nature”: brown or green, white or beige or soft shades of yellow or pink

· When choosing a new upholstered furniture, do not throw out the purpose of the room where it will be installed. Pastel colors will organically look in bedroom and bright colors in the living room. When choosing a shade of furniture for the nursery, remember that the color should be calm, unsaturated

The color solution of the interior directly affects our mood and well-being. Recent research has shown that a person can perceive color not only with the organs of vision, but also with the help of the skin. But, how to choose the color of the sofa to always feel comfortable?

· Red. It gives courage, confidence and tune to a romantic mood. However, be careful in some people, prolonged exposure to this color causes irritability

· Blue. Soothes and relaxes. In people prone to melancholy, can cause an apathy

· Gray will help to calm down and put your thoughts in order

· Brown is the color of the earth. It will give warmth and create a natural atmosphere of coziness in the room

· Green tones and fills with the desire for life

· Yellow is the color of the sun. It will give a cheerful, spring mood, and also promotes creativity

· Black is the most practical and stylish, but for some people it can cause a depression

· White gives peace and serenity. However, in some people the color of lightness and freshness can provoke a sense of loneliness