How to Clean a Sofa at Home

Generally, it is recommended to buy a blanket additionally after buying a sofa to cover it. This will serve as an effective preventive of premature contamination of your sofa, armchair or couch. Naturally, it is much easier to wash and clean blanket or cover than cleaning upholstery. However, if you wish to see the sofa upholstery and do not want to close it with extra protection, then sooner or later you will have to clean it, even if you were treating it gently and carefully. This is especially true if you often take visitors or if sofa installed at the office, reception and sales area.

Cleaning upholstered furniture requires a great responsibility. The wrong chosen cleaner or its excessive aggressiveness can just spoil the sofa.

It is important to know that when you want to clean up your comfortable sofa try to not use aggressive cleaning agents. After all, if you are unable to clean the dirt from the first try then an attempt can be repeated. And if you have applied too aggressive cleaner then there is a possibility to clean a stain with the upholstery that means dye material, wear of the texture or even dissolve the material itself. In this case, the sofa upholstery material will be irrevocably tainted and would have to completely change all the upholstery, or even the sofa. The main rule, do not overdo with the cleaning, if you do not know how to clean up pollution, contact the professionals it is much cheaper than buying a new one. However, there are some basic advices on how to clean a stain at home.

Methods for cleaning various types of upholstery material:

Methods for cleaning various types of upholstery material:

· Velour and flockcan be cleaned up with microfiber cloth after removing dust from the place with a brush or vacuum cleaner. Napkin should be wetted with soapy water, and with slight moves remove a dirt. After the procedure, remnant moisture and foam remove with a towel or rag.

· Tapestry can be cleaned up with conventional vacuum cleaner, in any case, do not use wet cleaning, it can damage the material, it will lose the shape and color of the original.

· Suede and nubuck require usually brushes with rubber bristles preliminary clean the surface from the dust. Brush should be used to clean a sleek space, for more difficult stains use a special foam.

· Authentic leather and leatherette (eco-leather) are the most unassuming upholstery materials that can be easy to clean. The stain of any complexity, easily removed with plain water, the main thing is not to use a lot of water, it can deform the surface.

How to clean the most common stains:

· Wine stains. White wine can be easily cleaned with an alcohol solution; red wine must first be sprinkled with salt, and then clean with an alcohol solution.

· Coffee stains. It is necessary to wet the stain with a damp rag and then wipe with a napkin soaked in soapy foam solution, removing an excess of foam.

· Juice stain. Hard to remove. With slight moves rub into the dirt the mixture of vinegar and ammonia, allow to fully dry and simply vacuum it.

· Grease stains. Pour on top a salt, it will absorb most of the fat. Then pat the place with a dry napkin, then wash with soapy water and let dry.

· Jam stain. Can be removed with acetic-soap solution. In one liter of hot water, add a tablespoon of a soap and two tablespoons of vinegar, thoroughly whisk. The resulting foam, apply with a sponge onto the dirty areas. Leave it for a while, but not to completely dry, remove the foam residues with a damp sponge. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.

· Spots of wax and paraffin can be easily removed with the help of the iron. Put on top a blank sheet of paper, then put a hot iron on a paper, the wax will be absorbed into the paper. Repeat the process until the dirt will be cleaned up completely with blank paper.

· Chewing gum stain. It is difficult to remove. Attach the bag of ice on the stain, after freezing, clean off the gum with a spatula then wipe with an alcohol.

If you decided to clean your sofa yourself then before cleaning try to use the cleanser at an inconspicuous place, such as on the back surface of the sofa facing to the wall. Even if the product has successfully passed the trial for the first time, and you bought it again, be sure to check again. The content perhaps, may have changed or you could bought it from another manufacturer with the same name. Better to check again, it only takes one minute, then buy a new one. Also do not use one cleanser for different types of upholstery without checking, if the spot was cleared on a leather sofa, it does not mean that it will work on other types of upholstery.

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