Sweet cast Remaining screens


Notifications including missed Broadcasts, friends activity, following etc..

Viewers view of their own profile and adding money

The current balance widget will be shown only when they see their own profile. They can add money to reward the broadcaster.

If they have clicked add money,

Ui for adding credit card details.

After adding money.

Broadcasters view of their own profile and redemption

after clicking on Redeem money, he/she will be redirected to

For PayTM

For Mobile recharge

After redeeming money.,

— —

Applying for Broadcasting & Broadcasting

When the user clicks on the broadcast icon. There will be broadcast onboarding appearing on the screen which will make user to understand the benefits of Broadcasting.

After this , we will open the recording screen for broadcasting.

After recording, the video will be sent to us. If we approve it, the notification will be sent to user.


When started to broadcast. The name of title will be asked to the user. Once he enters the title, user can start broadcasting.

— — —

Settings screen

Viewer onboarding

We need to start with the splash screen.

There will be a broadcaster readily will take user and onboard them.

Like sending OTP

— —

She will say ., sign up with facebook

She will train user to comment

She will train user to reward her

— —

Error screens.

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