What is essential to build a product?

Being a designer, I was flooded with lot of ideas. Everyday when I meet, speak, work with different kind of clients, I used to get bits of ideas which mostly are unintentional inspiration or a genuine extension of my client’s product😜, sometimes unique ideas. And so the idea will start developing inside my mind like a beautiful chain reaction💭. My mind maps the Product, Market, Research, Competition everything for that invisible idea and I will reach home with a fully prepared speech to be given when I receive the best startup award next year 💥😂. You should have began laughing!

With all these in my mind, I will get home and sleep without even drawing atleast one new pixel for the prototype! Wake up next morning and go to work with my cliched’ shameful face!

I used to feel ridiculous that my mind can start thinking about building an idea from scratch, analyse market, even prepare speech for next year’s best startup award 😜😜, but sadly end up in going to bed with lack of conviction to even start designing prototype 😟😟

Even I wanted to write about this in medium so many times before this.,

You might say I am dreamer! But I am not the only one!

So I started discussing with my friend Mr. Raja Hussain about this inability.

He told me,

The reason of your inability to implement your idea is either you don’t deserve the idea or the idea doesn’t deserve you!
If you really had balls, you should have left all your commitments and started focusing on your idea!

Dreams yet to be continued with this perfect slap on my ass…..