Open Letter to the G20

The supporter of this open letter acknowledge that no single state can achieve solutions on its’ own concerning issues such as climate change and global inequality. That is why this truth shall constitute a common denominator for both, participants and protesters of the G20 Summit alike.

Based on this shared perspective, the supporters of this open letter are asking for a peaceful and artistic intervention against the current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. A voluntary activity shall serve only to counter his’ negative momentum, which makes him a real threat to our planet Earth.

Why exactly? Please bare in mind Trump’s repeated attacks against anyone who can be attributed as diverse and, by doing so, his attacking of a civilised world in general. If you are interested in a peaceful future, I/we hope for your support to the claim that chaos shall never rule this world (again).

An intervention could, for instance, take the form of an ironic re-enacting of the awkward cabinet meeting of June 12th, 2017. This time, however, spokespersons shall give a statement about issues such as climate change and global inequality to oppose (U.S.) exceptionalism.

Otherwise, it seems likely to me/us that the President of the United States of America is going to disrupt not only the G20 Summit itself but will ignite a fatal collapse of the international order in general, or even cause conflicts.

Finally, the supporters of this open letter to the G20 demand that the distinguished participants shall debate the idea of a basic income on a global scale. If designed well, a basic income will help with the complex transition into a multipolar world order.


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