It was my first experience completing a coding course in HTML all by myself, I personally found it amazing!!

Codeacademy is a website that offers free programming lessons for beginners, I would honestly recommend it to anyone who is interested in programming because it has a lot of useful resources very helpful lessons guiding you step by step. They offer different lessons, for example: web developer skills, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, etc.

You just need to create an account and then choose any of the lessons you are interested in. Once you click on the lesson, the following page will appear, on the left you will find that they are giving you some background information of the lesson and if you keep scrolling down on that left column, it will give you instructions that you need to do. Most instructions they just want you to apply in this middle part of the editor and once you complete these instructions, just hit “save and submit code” and if everything is correct and you followed the instructions correctly, it will allow you to go to the next part of the lesson.

Two features I have found useful and that I really liked, is that on the left column, there is this Q&A forum as well as the glossary.

In the Q&A forum, many people post questions related to the lesson you are doing and I recommend it if you are having any problems, check out the Q&A first because somebody might have had that same problem and you can read the solution for your problem. In addition, you can interact with other people-learning lesson at the same time.

I found the glossary useful because it helps you concrete your understanding of the given languages you are learning; because these glossaries will go over the uses of the language, gives you examples as sometimes you can’t just understand everything based on trial and error but you need to look for further more documentation about the program or language you are using.

If you want to learn more about coding, check it out


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