The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

I’m going to preface this by saying it’s your show, you can do whatever you want because in the end, it’s your mistake.

But I’m sorry, WHAT?

It doesn’t matter that Lexa died. It’s how. The fandom knows that life can end at any moment in any series. They’ve seen it and have been blindsided my many sudden deaths.

I’m not sure how you can sit here and be like “I stand by my decision to kill off Lexa,” the character that is the only reason about 78% of your viewers even care about the show. Then say, “hey guys, Clarke is still alive and she’s still bisexual. We aren’t actually a trope.”

There’s every excuse for killing off a character that is expendable, and a “guest star,” but don’t sit here and paint a picture like your show is the emerald city of the LGBTQ community, and you’re the fucking wizard of oz. Especially when you’ve already shot THE episode that you KNOW would incite rage in the masses.

And you did, you’re not stupid.

You can’t say that it was right to kill the beacon of your show via “1% chance of ever happening” stray bullet, then say “guys, this is real life.”

The thing is, that’s the problem. Now young members of the LGBTQ community believe it to be real life. yet another spontaneous tragic death for a lesbian? it’s as if fate itself is against homosexuality.

YOU are a trope. YOU now pave the way for other TV shows NOT to follow. As a college student, I can say that you have made it into our curriculum of examples of TERRIBLE Public Relations.

You’ve rode the LGBTQ train to fame right in time for you to get a 4th season, and whether negative or positive, you and your show are trending. so congratulations on your “success.”

PS: I can’t wait to see your panel on youtube. it’s probably going to look like a damn Trump rally.