My Boot Camp Experience so Far

Today represents the third day of our home sessions in the boot-camp. With each passing day, I get more conversant with the Andela tasks. In my attempt to solve the tasks, I have had to adjust my thinking to a more creative way,which has given me so much joy. There is a new drive in me to become more solution oriented and I credit the daily tasks we were given, for this improvement.

However, the journey has not been a smooth sail. I have encountered series of challenges along the way,from poor internet connection to lack of electricity to power my computer.

These are challenges that can easily discourage a boot-camper from going further, if there is no strong conviction as to why he/she applied for the Andela Fellowship.

Finally, I will say challenges are necessary for the growth of any individual.For me, the Andela boot-camp experience has been worth its weight in gold.

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