Thoughts on switching to Xiaomi as primary phone

The Note 4 — official image

I have been thinking for quite some time to upgrade my primary phone which was a MotoG 3rd Generation. I bought it last year — a humble device with 1GB RAM, 16GM memory and a decent camera. Before that, I was already using a First Generation MotoG. During that upgrade it was quite natural that I would go for the then latest third generation model.

Motorola phones have been a go-to choice for one primary reason — the stock android experience. Since a Nexus was out of budget, the MotoG was a natural choice.

The phone

I got a pitch black Redmi Note 4 by Xiaomi very recently. The thought of switching from stock android to a skinned one did make me cringe — but I gave up keeping in mind my G3 was already ageing. The incentive, actually, was the specs that Xiaomi has been offering on Redmi Note 4 for the price they marked for it.

I got the variant with 4GB RAM and 64GB memory. It’s a little bit bigger than the previous phone and I don’t complain given how my Instagram images look better on it — thanks to better resolution and form factor.

This phone has a battery of 4100 mAh- which is one of the major points which made me consider buying it. Using two sims — one for calls and texts and the other solely for internet — and with numerous apps which I use regularly, it was quite important that I get a phone that does not die on me halfway through the day. This Redmi does not. Now I can spend the entire day at work without putting it on charge.

Xiaomi phones come with its own launcher, and I have decided to use it for some time now. Once the novelty wears off, shall switch to the good old Google Now launcher.

What I love so far

Specific things that I like so far about the Redmi Note 4

  • With 4GB RAM onboard, interacting and multitasking with multiple apps feel much smoother than any other phones I have used before.
  • Sharing works smoothly — although I wish Xiaomi had better integration while pulling up the sharing bar from the bottom. Also, the sharing tool could have better UI.
  • Reading mode — With Medium, Instapaper, Feedly, Google Play Newsstand, my eyes thank me due to this feature.
  • Inbuilt call/text blocker and inbuilt cleaner/scanner apps — now I don’t need to install bloated apps separately to block telemarketers and to occasionally clear junk from my phone.

Am yet to use it in Developer mode in any of my android development projects. Looking forward to the same.

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