There is No Such Thing as a Vegan
Drew French

Above article in a few words: blah,blah,blah, let us continue murdering animals in order to enjoy the taste of their flesh, blah, blah, blah, vegans are evil because the farmers that grow their crops accidentally kill insects or other small animals, blah, blah, blah.

The author mentions RESPECT six times in the last three paragraphs. to Respect an animal, or any other sentient being, by killing it and its babies, and eating their flesh, one of the most confusing arguments I have read in my entire life.

If we, humans, can not realize that killing other beings is wrong, then I don’t know who can. This planet and the beings in it do not belong to us. Nature might be cruel, but nature also gave us our intellects and the unique characteristic of CHOICE. now it’s up to us.

I have been a vegetarian for close to five years. All good here phisically and mentally, but what’s best is the quasi-absence of GUILT (I wish I could do much more to stop the murder of millions of animals). That is priceless.

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