And, in the end, if the Chinese economic practices are so good that Trump is jealous of them, why are the USA the only superpower of the world and not China? Why do the USA have such a bigger GDP and, even more important, so better quality of life for their citizens? And above all, why do the USA have more freedom than China? Is it time to impose more bans and restrictions imitating the “People’s Republic of China”?
How would Milton Friedman react to potential tariffs imposed by Trump?

Nice article even if I am always skeptical when you reduce the laws of market to the story of the lawyer and his secretary or the consumer in front of the product. It seems that the variables are so transformed that the reality is very distorted and altered at the end. Especially when we talk about a GDP which is not really the concern of the entire American population, unlike the Gini index or even the Human Development Index.

But lets stay on GDP.

The tariffs of the US are lower than those of China.

US is richer than China. It works.

The tariffs of the US are lower than those of the EU.

EU is richer than the US (IMF 2015). It works a bit less…

The GDPs of USA and the EU have never been so high. There has never been so many poor in the norther countries and in the entire world.

But Milton Friedman can sleep in peace, when liberalization is spreading by the projects of free-trade agreements such as TTIP and CETA. In front, there is only a weak American president who likes to do the show on tweeter.{%22impl%22:%22client%22,%22params%22:{%22langParam%22:%22fr%22}}

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