Ready for Swift Package Manager?

4 simple steps:

1. In Terminal go to your project root folder

cd {project-root}

2. Download latest script version

curl -o spmready.swift

3. Make it executable

chmod +x spmready.swift

4. Run


Where do we go from here?

Do I really need all my dependencies ready before I consider a migration? No, you can start migration today.

Mixed Migration aka Early Adopter

Imagine you have your cocoapods and SwiftPackages imported by Swift Package Manager at the same time. This is a good idea and works pretty well as long as the pods don’t depend on a SwiftPackage and vice versa. You also have to make some other considerations. If you are using Swift Package Manager now, you will be part of the early adopters that are switching early. This doesn’t mean that Swift Package Manager is unstable at all but it needs help from us — the community. To follow its evolution, have a look at the swift forums. Nevertheless, adding the Libraries Acknowledgments gets a little bit harder. While cocoapods merges all Acknowledgments into a single file for you, Swift Package Manager doesn’t even care about you being a (bad) Copycat. Moreover, it can be possible that some libraries never will be supported by the Swift Package Manager because of its lacking community. Then maybe its time to drop this Library and replace it with one that has similar functionality. That way you put yourself in response to clean up and update your dependencies.

Sit and wait

Old is gold



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