i’m tired of the news.

it’s so physically exhausting and it just encourages me to feel more hopeless.

it’s not that trump is our fucking president. it’s not that the corporations control our government.

it’s not that we are almost powerless. i’m just so tired of being reminded of it all. like the media never shuts the fuck up and the people who run it make money off us all. i hate it. i hate the media.

i hate the world and how it is. this isn’t teenage angst, this is just anger. this is disappointment. i know there people out there who feel the same with me, and there are also people who feel the same and are actively trying to change the world, but damn, i wish change would come faster. i’m exhausted from this election, from the stupidity of americans for electing a man who could not be less qualified for a job, from the media, and from the constant hopelessness that the news puts on us all.

i am exhausted.