Call to Action: get SDG airdrop on BastionPay

Jul 31, 2019 · 3 min read

Hi, people in ConscienceLAND,

There is something I want to share with you:

The ConscienceLAND team from BastionPay has heard that DaLong (Philip McMaster) is in the hospital again, and this time it’s not simple kidney stones, it’s actual surgery related to his adventures in Nepal.

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When we heard about this, we really care about his health and maybe recently we asked him to do too many things for ConscienceLAND. That is why we asked what we could do for him.

When we asked DaLong what he wants, he said: “If you want to help me, help ConscienceLAND. We are all mortal, whatever happens to me will eventually happen to you too. What we need to do now is URGENTLY change our relationship with the world. ‘in the Spirit Of Bethune’ we ALL need to start cooperating to solve the SDG’s_\!/ ”

Last week, We built a new WeChat group and held the first online-AMA (Ask Me Anything ). We also made a plan for continuous growth of the community and an offline event for the next few weeks in Blockchain Centre, in order to promote ConscienceLAND among more and more people. We will teach them how to change themselves and benefit from help others through SDG and the community.

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The new ecosystem is called ConscienceLAND, and it’s powered by “Caring Currency” and “Citizenship as a Service”.

Some of you know that DaLong played “The Spirit Of Bethune” years ago, and has been travelling the world developing a completely new ecosystem to solve the SDG’s

Although not serious or life-threatening, we still want to help him, and asked him what we could do, how we could help…

“I make you feel good, and it makes me feel good too_\!/“

“We urgently need to expand the ConscienceLAND ‘Caring Currency” network of friends… the best way is ‘gifting’ the SDGtoken to people who are making a difference in your life…”

How? From his hospital bed, DaLong said: “Share SDGtokens… find out how to become “Part Of the Solution” get SDGtokens and “Pay-them-Forward” give them away to people you care about, and encourage them too_\!/“

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If you want to do something for Dalong, for ConscienceLAND and more important, for yourself, please join us. You can share your ideas and what do you thinking about “Get your share and share” in the next online/offline AMA; You can take “3Finger Photo” and tell your friends how to download the BastionPay APP and get SDG; Do something like Ada Han, an ambassador in ConscienceLAND try to save a tree at the garden in this morning, which benefit for solving SDGs problems.

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When you do something and try to lead people to make self-change, you can be a coach, even ambassador — — Take on greater responsibility while bringing success to yourself.

Call to action: you can also help the world — go to, sign up to become an ambassador, download the BastionPay wallet and wait for the CHANGE WEDNESDAY airdrop.

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