The UX-factor: why I don’t care where or what you studied
Bram Bos

Very interesting article. Thanks, Bram. I started out in the 80s helping to establish a design and production department at what was still a start-up in Redmond, working as a document designer. We weren’t allowed to touch the UI, and UX didn’t even exist yet (nor did usability labs). By the time I left in the mid-90s my group had grown to 10 print and UI designers. The UI designers came from industrial design backgrounds. Essentially what we were looking for were people who could learn on the fly and bring something, what I would call the “human factor” to what was still the early stages of desktop computing. I wanted our team to be known and appreciated as user advocates, which I think fits your empathy requirement. Many years later, I doubt that any of us could have gotten hired to do the same job, because hiring managers seem to be looking for the Unicorn Designer, not necessarily someone who can do the job and think on the fly. I’m currently in the job market and after reading many, many job descriptions, I’m finding that I’m having a hard time finding a place where I want to work. Seems the field is taking itself a little too seriously.

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