Most Popular Sofa Types for Every Home

To choose your perfect sofa you should know what they look like. Read this general overview and you can find an ideal model that suits your space.


This type of sofa features minimalist look with clean-lined design. Gentle curves and natural materials used are combined with uncluttered lines and both geometric and organic forms. The couch is designed to decorate any space in modern or casual style.

Basic Features:

  • functionality;
  • simple and straight appearance;
  • colors ranging from neutral to vivid and bright;
  • rectangular-shaped seat and back cushions;
  • slightly tapered wood legs.


The furniture market offers different models and types of convertible sofas. You can find futons, pull-out sofabeds and two- or three-seat sleepers. They become a versatile solution for overnight guests.

The convertible couch is a comfortable sofa during the day that transforms into a full-fledged bed at night. The transformation mechanisms vary depending on the model. The only stipulation is the quality of the product. The high-quality sofa can serve for many years, of course, under normal conditions.

Versatile solution for overnight guests, the convertible sofa transforms into a full-fledged bed at night.


A cross between sofa, bed and a, lounger daybed becomes an essential part of a living room with small space available. A bed and sofa all-in-one, it can be a solution for your unexpected guests. Providing an extra sleeping space, it is a regular sofa by day, but transforms into a bed at night.

Similar to a chaise, the daybed typically contains a long backrest with arms on each side. One of the common sizes is twin size, though there are more extended models, like full or queen. Some daybeds also come with a trundle that allows expanding of sleeping and resting capacity.

With an extra sleeping space for night, daybed serves as a regular sofa by day.


Loveseat is a petite and compact sofa designed for two persons.

Due to its small size, love seat suits almost any space and becomes more convenient than two individual chairs. It can also serve as a couch in a living room, if the space is limited.

This two-seater sofa is often purchased as a part of a regular living room or sofa set. But their use is limitless. You can place it in the bedroom for a comfortable nook near the window. Being place in the foyer or hallway it provides extra seating.

Loveseat designed for two persons fits almost any space.


Being a versatile piece of furniture, the sectional sofa offers enough seating for large families. This multifunctional sofa consists of various sections (armless chairs, loveseats, chaises, ottomans, and more) that you can combine at your desire.

The basic configurations are the following: L-shape (also known as sofa & chaise), U-shape and modular sectionals.

  • L-shape models are complex solution for small rooms, still providing enough seating space for family and friends.
L-shape Sectionals (also known as Sofa & Chaise)
  • U-shaped and modular sectional sofas are designed to be placed in large rooms, so measure your space before purchase.
U-shape Sectional Sofas
  • Modular models add more versatility, as they are arranged in different configurations.


A chaise or chaise lounge is an upholstered long chair with enough space to support your legs. Created for relaxation, it has become a popular entertainment furniture piece.

Chaises are great for any refined bedroom or living room. Available in traditional or contemporary styles, they feature various shapes and sizes. Several chaises contain one or two arms, while some have no arms at all. For more comfort, some models can include pillows for a perfect lumbar support.