Sectional Sofas Buying Guide

Vision Sectional Sofa | Rainbow Truffle

Versatile sectional sofas provide enough seating space for every guests and member of your family. By placing it in the middle they break up a large living room. Some designs fit perfectly into a corner to save more room if the space is limited. In this buying guide we consider the most common configurations of sectional sofas.

Basic shapes of sectionals:

1. Standard L- or R-shaped

Gary Ash Gray Italian Leather Sectional Sofa

The L-shaped sectional is the common sectional sofa that is one of the popular models. It looks like one sofa and one loveseat/chaise or two small sofas or loveseats put together. L- or R-shaped sectional sofas are great for TV watching and family conversations. There’s only one inconvenience: fireplace, TV stand or other focal point of the living room may not be visible from all angles.

Sparta Italian Leather Sectional Sofa in White
ma Sectional Sofa with Sleeper

2. Sofa and Chaise

This sectional combines a standard sofa and a chaise at the end that forms the L-shape. These models are great for small rooms, where you need to seat a lot of guests. This configuration makes TV watching easier.

1799 Midnight Bay Blue Leather Sectional Sofa
New Spec Charlotte RF Sectional Sofa
Axiom Sectional Sofa | Cowboy Blue

3. U-shaped

Ritz Modern Leather Sectional Sofa Set

Designed for friends and family conversations, U-shaped sectional sofas offer the ability to face each other. This configuration looks like three separate sofas put together. They form 90 degree angles from two sides. The models may vary - U-shaped sectionals can be composed of two chaises at each end of a sofa; two sofas and one chaise; or sofa, chaise and chair, all forming the U shape.

Jackson U Shaped Sectional Sofa
ROM Balmoral U-Shaped Sectional Sofa

4. Curved or (Semi-)Circular
Made to save space in small living rooms, the curved or circular sectionals are ideal solution for both conversation and relaxation. This configuration creates a look with no sharp corners making it ideal for families with children. The circular sectional with no 90-degree angle can be put to a corner thus saving the space.

Talia Contemporary White Sectional
A94 Contemporary Leather Sectional Sofa Red
Marisol Sectional Sofa by Nicoletti Taupe

5. Modular

ROM Smile Large Sectional Sofa

Versatile sectionals should also provide the changes you need in your home. Being comfortable and functional, the modular and composite configurations are adjusted to a specific angle by easy moving the pieces included. These modular designs can be composed as you want. You can easily select any type of seat to personalize the sectional.

Caroline Red Woven Fabric Modular Sectional Sofa
Ibiza White Top Grain Leather Modular Sectional Sofa by Nicoletti

6. Sleeper sectionals
With space-saving design, functional sleeper sectional sofas combine both sleeping and seating positions. The sofa with bed conversion mechanisms easily turns the sectional into a bed for midnight guests.

Fabio Sectional Sofa Sleeper with Storage
Ritz Sleeper Sectional Sofa in Grey
22 Prato Sectional Sofa Sleeper
Soho Sectional with Ottoman Bonded Brown