Sofas for living rooms and home/offices

Fulton Three Seater Sofa in White

An integral part of living room and home/office, upholstered furniture is intended to provide comfort and create a cozy atmosphere. The sofa is the business card of any living room and office. All sofas regardless of its price should have high quality and respectable look, be comfortable and good-looking as well. These options depend on the quality of the sofa’s components, its frame, upholstery and filler.


Natural wood is the most widespread material for the manufacture of sofas frames. Frame can be made from solid wood, or veneers and particle boards. Very often ash, beech and oak wood are used. Particle boards and veneers are cheaper, so the price of the sofa would be lower.

Mina Sofa (Stone Blue) //Fulton Three Seater Sofa

Metal frames recently have become popular, but have already proved themselves to be good in the framework production. Metal framework is characterized by high durability and reliability, it is ideal for living rooms and home/offices in minimalism and hi-tech styles


Upholstery influences on the upholstered furniture appearance; lifetime of the furniture also depends on covering quality.

Fabric upholstery is a very durable material; it’s nonspottable, resistant to sunlight and pilling. Microfiber, corduroy and jacquard are the most popular fabric upholsteries.

Lana Fabric Sofa // Chesterfield Sofa in Black Leather

Leather and leatherette are also practical and durable upholstery materials — any sofa upholstered in leather has polished and impressive look. Leather does not require time-consuming care and can last for many years. The only disadvantage of leather upholstery is high price and the ability to scuffing caused by improper workmanship and care.


Comfort and softness of upholstered furniture for living rooms and home/offices depends on the filler.

There are two types of fillers: spring units with stuffing making the seat elastic and resilient, and foam, which provides a soft seating experience. Natural and artificial materials can be used as the padding: the natural materials are felt, batting, feathers, while the artificial ones are padding polyester, foam and polyurethane.

If the sofa is filled with a foam rubber, make sure that it’s a solid unit, otherwise separate pieces may “shifts” that would spoil the look of the sofa. Polyurethane foam increasingly replaces foam rubber, because polyurethane maintains its resilience for a long time.

Sometimes sofa features several layers of filler: bottom is made of a rigid material for elasticity and shape retention, and the upper is soft for additional comfort.

Be attentive when choosing sofas and other upholstered furniture, as carefully selected sofa can last for years to come!