A Letter to the People of Hong Kong and the World

Epistle From

Basuria (Szechuan), now in the People’s Republic of China

To people of Hong Kong and the World

Dear Hongkongers,

Now you may have understood that what lies before you is not a thing that needs to be discussed. You should not consider your movement as something that should be justified; the movement itself is enough to be a justification, a justification to the way, one of the two ways lay before you.

It’s an inevitable choice that all of us have to face: choose to be a man with your values, or to be a beast who gives up his value and will never gain it again. The first way is difficult, the second is easy. The first way leads to freedom, the second leads to slavery.

Human beings are different, not because of their races but because what value they have — and, the most important thing is, how much faith they have in it, how preciously they regard it, so preciously that they use their lives to protect it and do no compromise on it.

Maybe someone could say, “Without our lives, we are nothing.”

And that’s what I’ve heard for nearly 20 years in China. It is the Chinese value: “Be alive.” A brilliant Chinese writer Yu Hua has a novel named simply “Be alive”. He said that what the book was about himself: “When you feel that you are alive, you are alive. It’s quite simple: when you are drinking water, you are feeling alive. When you are speaking, you are feeling alive. The meaning of life is merely being alive…”

But I would say, “Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it.”

Can you imagine what would happen in a world in which “being alive” is the first principle of everything?

I will tell you how a society of cowards looks like. I tell you this, not to scare you, but only to warn you. I tell you this, is not a betrayal of my people, but only because I believe, human beings could convert from evil to kindness, and I’m merely doing the first step: to admit the fact.

In this society, those who write a principle do not try to protect their principle with the cost of their lives; they expect other people to do those things for them, but as a Chinese saying goes, “Nobody is a fool.” Even if the poorest people, they treasure their lives more than anything else. When they die, they die in unwillingness: they die when they have no other measures to live. They always surrender before strong enemies, when they think that their enemies are stronger than those who are driving them to die.

They always try to flee from the battlefield, and those who die on the battlefield also die in their unwillingness, having no choice at all before their death. When those who are absent from the battlefield because of their power see those miserable corpses on the battlefield after the massacre, they feel no compassion, no sympathy, but only a feeling of despise. Yes, they merely regard those people as the “pathetic”.

But on the Tiananmen Square, they built a monument for those “Heroes of People”. However, all I know is that we have no real respect for those “Heroes of People”, but only full of contempt from our instinct, even if we dare not to admit or accept. Because we know secretly from our instinct, they are those who die for others; not because they want, but because they are too humble to choose to live. Pay attention: the word is “humble”, not “poor”.

Because we have no sympathy.

Those who really die for their principles would be laughed by those who are watching their death. Yes, simply watching. They feel that they are lucky, and they feel strong happiness from this feeling of luckiness. They know that they are those who die after these poor people, and that would be enough. The wisest way, in this society, is to put other people in front of you, to die for you — they don’t want to die, so you should take some violence do drive them.

To get this privilege, you should try your best to grasp the power, to be an “A man over men”, that is, a little dictator. Every man who has even a little bit power over other people, is a dictator in his field — and he needs to show no mercy to anyone below him, he needs not to sacrifice anything when it is not necessary, that is, when his doings do not harm the interest of his superior and the one who is over him will not let him be the sacrifice. He has only jealousy with those who are over him, has only contempt with those who are under him; and that very skill to keep the balance within this everywhere-dictatorship is the specific “political wisdom” in China.

And that is the essence of tyranny.

From our childhood, our parents have told us with a despising voice: “If you didn’t study hard, you would be like those who are sweeping the street.” We are like in an ancient Indian varna system: every one of us desires to be a Brahman, and those who are beneath us are even untouchable. We compare and judge everywhere. We pursue vainglories, we feel indescribable happiness in those things: compare, and judge.

Parents have done everything for us to prove that this rule is the right rule that we should follow. Now I have finally understood. They taught me in this way because they really loved me, and they really know how this society runs.

This is a society in which everyone is the enemy of every other people. This is a society in which we can see propaganda that persuades you to sacrifice yourself everywhere, but the reality is, everyone knows that no one would really do that, because they despise those who are poor, have no respect but fear with those who have power. This is a society in which cruelness is something that has been unofficially recognized because what everyone is thinking about, is not to eliminate those kinds of cruelness, but only to avoid them personally — not let the misery happen on himself, but it doesn’t matter if it happens on another one.

Therefore, they think that falsehood is something that can be ignored. Therefore, they think that truth is something like a joke. When you still have something to insist on and something to believe, they think that you are still a funny child, and you should change. When you have finally learned how to conduct things in the logic of this world and don’t even think about truth or justice or human rights and only believe in the absolute pursuit of power, they would recognize you as a mature man.

They can worship, and at the very next minute, they can slander those who had been worshiped by them one minute before. There is no moral obstacle for them; because, from their practice, they have found that truth is something that only foolish men believe in. If someone was crying for the truth, they would think that this person has already no way to go — and his doings are merely means to deceive the fools whom they despise.

Truth is something that only fools believe.

Truth is something that only cheaters boast.

Truth is said by those cheaters to put those fools die for them, only because they themselves don’t want to die.

Truth is a measure used by the weak, for the strong always use violence.

Truth itself is a funny thing, and it’s a sign of hypocrisy.

Therefore, there is simply no justice.

Therefore, justice is merely a beautiful mask of violence.

Therefore, when we are not strong, we should perform in this international community as if we had the insist on truth, for we are still inferior and we still have no power to drive others arbitrarily.

Therefore, our hypocrisy on “truth” and “justice” is a thing that we don’t even like. What we really like, is to treat those who are under our feet ruthlessly: “To teach them what cruelness really is”. We have to bear this hypocrisy now, only because we don’t have enough power to step a foot on you.

We are eager to revenge. This strong will is not even a result of your oppression on us; because we know that you haven’t oppressed us. You treated us like men. But, so what? We won’t treat you like men, because we only believe Darwinism, and we only believe the current situation of power struggle. We won’t even say a word when we have power to let you shut up and vent our secret animal desire on you.

If we even had to say something, we would say that you had treated us cruelly, so we revenge. Because we don’t have to keep the truth.

Don’t forget, truth is hypocrisy.

We won’t keep our promise, because every promise of ours is a joke. When you have power over us, we can pretend to promise. When you were under us, we could break the promise publicly.

Don’t forget, promising is hypocrisy.

Therefore, today, Chinese people think that the West is totally hypocritical.

“Wow, there are still such a lot of foolish people in the world! They have power, right? But why they still use such words like ‘human rights’, ‘democracy’, ‘freedom of speech’, ‘universal value’… it’s weird, eh?”

“You are such a fool! Haven’t you understood? Our country is becoming stronger and stronger! Before, they are imperialists. They beat us, they burned our imperial palace, they sold opium to us, they forced our ancestors to sign an unequal treaty with us, as our history textbook told us… and why now they don’t beat us anymore? Why now they even send us their presidents and bear the equal status that they are not happy about?”

“It’s merely because our country has been stronger! Ah, what a great leader Chairman Mao was! He conducted the researching of nuclear bombs. Now we have missiles. With our advanced missiles, we can easily attack New York, Chicago, Los Angeles… only in 15 minutes, we can attack London. We can kill millions, if not billions, of people! We have the second strong military force in the world…”

“That’s a simple fact. They beat us because we were weak before. We were humiliated, and at that time they showed no mercy. They are same animals as us! They only believe in power also. Now, when we have power, they begin to use those flattering words against us, merely because they have already fear before us. You know, the powerful never speak. When they speak, it’s an obvious sign that we are already powerful enough. They cannot beat us anymore now!”

“Oh… finally, I understand. U.S. people, you hypocrites!”

“Oh, I love my country! I and my country, cannot be separated even in one moment…”

Because their words are always:

“If you are backward, you shall be beaten painfully.”

Our justice is their hypocrisy. Our violence is their justice. The world is up-side-down, and it’s impossible for dialog or mutual-understanding.

And their country gives them an illusion that they are already strong. They have a mental addiction to this feeling because they have long experienced this social form and have built an instinctual fear of being powerless. Therefore, even in the U.S., even they have the U.S. citizenship, many of them still support the Communist Party, for the Party, has really brought them a feeling of safety. Fake, but like heroin, it indeed works in the current time. As for the future? They don’t mind at all. They are not loyal to a specific nation, but merely loyal to power. They chase the powerful, abandon the powerless.

Human beings always understand the world using examples in their surroundings. The Chinese international sight is an inflection of the condition of their own society, and the people use this instinct to write their history books and build their own nationalism. They could never escape that when they are still in hatred and pride.

Therefore, their nationalism is a peak of their social instinct.

Therefore, “China” is the icon and idol for them about this satisfaction, a feast of vainglory and hatred.

Therefore, when they see that the speaker of their minister of foreign affairs always tells the lie, they don’t feel ashamed but rejoice.

Therefore, they worship Russia only because of its bare terror of military power; they worship Nazi Germany only because of its rapid victory by violence against those who were “hypocritical”; they feel pity for the Soviet Union because its failure of, in their words, internal betrayal.

But how is that, when their dream comes true, when they use the bare power to rule other people? What will happen?

Those are scenes that happened several times in Chinese history. When Chang Hsien-chung lead his rebellion army into Szechuan, he simply massacred the whole city of Chengdu. And there, he wrote a poem. It may merely be a legend, not the precise historical fact, and it may be written by those Confucius scribes.

But the poem itself is indeed crazily cruel in a special way:

“Heaven bore everything to feed the people,

Those people, however, still complain about the unmercifulness of heaven.

They don’t know that the plague of instincts has spread all over the land;

Those who are in power, caused the distress of all creatures.

Humbled and exalted are the men who born,

Those who get the upper hand, have long been blessed by the grace of heaven.

Men’s abundance depends on the will of heaven;

It curses the meanness of those grass-like folks.

Suddenly a thug sharpens his sword at night;

The star of the imperial destiny mingles with the dark void,

Feebly, highly, sways in the puzzling starring sky.

Today, it’s time for me to overthrow heaven;

I don’t mind the strength consumed in slaughtering.

Those who committed disloyalty, I say, slaughter;

Those who committed unfiliality, I say, slaughter;

Those who committed unmercifulness, I say, slaughter;

Those who committed unrighoutsness, I say, slaughter.

Those who are not ritual, not wise, not honest,

I, the Great King of West, say, slaughter, slaughter, slaughter!

I was not born to chase the imperial power,

I am even too lazy to build a golden palace in the capital city.

Those champions in imperial exams, those officials on high ranks,

Are all merely like dogs before me;

Are always trembling under the swords.

Go, tell the four generals under me,

When we occupy a city, we need not stop slaughtering.

I build this stone tablet in the name of heaven,

He who rebels against heaven, will die;

No matter he is standing or kneeling!”

Yes, as you can see, everyone who has violence, can be heaven, the totalitarian judge and ruler of the whole world, slaughter and exploit arbitrarily. Men sway between two extremes: extreme cowardice, and extreme cruelness.

This is not an alien culture. This is a total collapse of society: an “Oriental Despotism”. The direction, to which the Chinese Soul leads, is a nihility of hell. The “Circulation Law” of Chinese History, is a periodic manifest of this process. When a new authoritarian order has established upon the violence after an erase of 70%- 80% of the whole population, the animal soul of nihility would turn itself from the chaotic status to a calm status.

During this lifespan of a dynasty, there would be a so-called “economic prosperity”, but there was nothing with freedom to do. After 2 or 3 hundred years, the decay of central power leads to another chaos: invaders and military leaders would become the savior in this whole continent of turmoil.

But the scary thing is, even after more than 300 years, the spirit of Chang Hsien-chung still lives in millions of popular novels being sold on the Chinese internet. Millions of amateur or professed net-writers write this kind of books by their instinct, and those who read them can also feel the horrible happiness together with the writers, from the secret pandora box beneath their awareness, during their boring daily life, during their stressful jobs, on trains, on buses, on metro lines. During my high-school years, I also read many of those books. Only when you combine what you have seen in reality and what you have read in novels, the clear image of the whole society could then be depicted.

When they are under the violent rule, they have fears; when they are in power, they have arrogance.

With no real principle, but with a lot of fake principles. They are fake, not because they are philosophically unsophisticated, but because no one is really “fool” enough to insist on them. They were created for making beautiful masks.

In this way, they always know that they have to flatter those who have power, despise those who are poor. They don’t have a so-called “national community”, but an “imperial order”. And this is the current status of China: we can still call it a historical inheritance of the old east-Asian imperial society, and maybe we can research it. (Laugh)

In this way, they laugh at those who have mercy; they have a secret respect to those who have mighty power and at the same time without any mercy, for they probably know that they would also choose this way. In the modern Chinese language, “ruthless” or “(He) is a ruthless man” is a popular phrase for praising someone informally.

In this way, they humiliate those who have helped them, like Japanese people. But they worship those who have treated them extremely cruelly, like Chairman Mao.

But the question has come: why do Chinese people always have to be hypocritical, in the way that they don’t like?

It’s simply because their dream can never come true. They can never beat those who have mercy and have a stronger and better society. It’s simply because, in a normal society, the cruel are usually humble, the unmerciful are usually weak. However, the rule has got up-side-down when we are in the Chinese society. The good are those who are being excluded, the cruel are those who are in power.

But their little world is in a normal international community. In this world, they live on corruption, but they deceive themselves that this corruption is the best and was created by their own hands. For the confrontation of those two world-instinct, has made the utmost agony of Chinese people.

Those who are merciful are lack of imagination, they regard China as a normal country, or nation. They can never have a real insight into this society, only because they cannot imagine the hearts of people could even be dark like that. What they are seeing is that China is now becoming a large economy, and they should respect it as they respected every other country before in their imagined framework of international diplomacy.

Therefore, China still gets benefits from this international community and doesn’t feel shame when stealing and cheating other members, for it is its original lifestyle. An imperial order in the modern international community — an interesting phenomenon, isn’t it? Maybe China is the only example for us at present, but a miserable one. For it shows, how could people still be like in this world full of progressivism, and how extravagantly we squander our intelligence with a lack of concerning about our basic humanity.

But they can still cause genuine miseries. They can use their stolen power to oppress those who are relatively weak before them, and they use your weaknesses too. To Uyghurs, they detained millions of people in concentration camps. They humiliate them before their death, in an extreme way. To Hongkongers, what they have done, you have certainly seen. They also used your last sense of Chinese nationalism, merely as a tool to attack you. They could do more and they are going to do more; Don’t have any illusion in their mercy.

Look, some people even believe that they can provide you “a better life”- a better life without any ability of thinking. This is a utopia, i.e. controversial at the level of logic. They pretend to make a double choice question of “a better life” or “freedom” as if they are fair merchants; but don’t forget, they are not. They are born liars.

The first lie they tell you is the “better life” — such a deceiving word! When this false promise breaks up, they will use violence to let you shut up easily. In this process, you will learn by your blood to insult those who are kind to you and flatter those who beat you painfully. In the end, you will indeed tell everyone that you have got a better life, in an ironical way that may make you sad, or maybe not.

The second lie they tell is even not in this question. They let you choose between two options — but in fact, they have never let you choose. The question itself is a lie: they have the will, and they want you to obey. The actual two options of you are to resist, or not to resist. When you choose “freedom” in their two options, they will also try to eliminate you, like what’s happening now in Hong Kong.

For me, I regard the great incident of this time as a great lesson for everyone in the world, especially for the people of Hong Kong and of Taiwan. For you should learn to understand, those who flatter you using boasting words are willing to drive you down and take your lives. Real communities are established by kindness and patience, instead of lies and illusions. And when some people are lying, use your heart to distinguish them, for you have the sense of righteousness in your own heart, debunk them and stay away from them. Yes, I’m talking about Chinese nationalism.

It’s also a great lesson for people from China like me, for we should learn to understand, we should abandon all our established glory — they are indeed glory in vain — to pursue the path to our salvation. Yes, I’m talking about Chinese nationalism.

Why do we want China? Why do we want to be Chinese?

In my childhood, I despised the people in my hometown and even my family. When I spoke to them, I used Chinese Mandarin, which is the official language of China, instead of our own language.

I was eager to “climb up” during the education, because the education of China, under the monster of imperial order, is mainly made up of the desire to be a “man over men”, a dictator. During our education, the most important thing we learn is that we can only pursuit power. We should know that the weak would be abandoned ruthlessly, so we could not stop pursuing the power, instead of fighting for value.

They tell you righteous values on textbooks, and at the same time, they tell you secretly by practice that those values are not really practiced. The orthodox doctrine and the undercurrent of reality are totally split up under the imperial order.

Because, the imperial order constantly provides a way for those who are without any principle. It constantly provides a way for those who believe the bare Machiavellianism: if you are able to give up all your insisting on every principle, if you dare to do the worst thing and set the most insidious plot, you will get power more swiftly and you will avoid all the miseries you have seen happening upon those who are on “lower levels”.

Because, under the imperial order, where truth is totally unimportant, a crime with power can become a glory. Atonement cannot wash your sin, but power can.

Then, everyone becomes “cleverer” on everything. Everyone becomes “more flexible” on everything. Insisting on the value can be called “rigid”, while lying can be called “smart”.

Then, “China”, the icon of the violent imperial power, becomes a common choice by liars and cowards. What China represents, is not a nation, but a way of conducting things in a despicable way. In this sense, a part of Hong Kong belongs to “China”, a part of Taiwan also; but at the same time, a part of our hometown, though under the name of “China”, does not belong to “China” at all.

The claim of Chinese sovereignty on any region is, in fact, a phenomenon of an epidemic disease called “China”. When your country is claimed by China, that means, you should be careful of some people around you; that means, a part of your country has already been occupied by “China”. The level of whose sovereignty grasped by China in a region shows the level of corruption and the level of cowardice.

Chinese nationalism is merely a pretext for cowardice.

The centralized imperial order provides an alluring possibility for those who don’t pay anything but are always asking for something. Everyone gives up his responsibilities and at the same time give up his political rights and abilities. They worship the communist party and their leader because of the satisfaction of their utmost dream: get interests without taking responsibility.

When someone gives up his responsibilities and rights, chooses to live in a crafty way, he becomes a Chinese and starts to worship China, the violent name of vainglory.

When someone is longing to be a Chinese and worship its violent name of vainglory, he is longing to give up his responsibilities and rights, which are considered by him as nonsense.

Therefore, Chinese are everywhere. In Hong Kong, in Taiwan, in Malaysia, in Singapore, in Canada, in Australia… there are people worshipping the violent name of vainglory everywhere in the world, so there are Chinese all over the world.

Therefore, the clash within Hong Kong is the clash between two kinds of people; the freemen, and the slaves; the people of courage, and the people of coward; the people who haven’t given up their dignity, and the people who have given up all themselves and have started to worship the violent name of glory. They are Hongkongers and Chinese.

As for what China is, that doesn’t matter at all. The only thing that matters, is the violent name of vainglory links to the desire to shirk responsibility.

This generation has been the most coward generation. They are deceived by the economic prosperity of China; the free gift has given them the excuse for illusion. For those who fled from China in the 1980s, China means a lie, a painful injury that could never be healed; but for those who grow up in China in the 1990s and 2000s, China means a special way on which they could give up all their responsibilities but only enjoy free meal by their flattering words and useless worships. The fake law is considered by them to be true, and only true for themselves. When they feel something else, they deny it — because they cannot even imagine what the world would be like without this fake law.

China is the container of this society of inhumanity, and its existence itself is a stronghold of violence against all seedlings of freedom inside it. From outside, we can only hear people who are under their self-slavery gnashing their teeth.

However, our mission is to wipe “China” out of where we live. It’s not only an act of independence but also a correction of our humanity.

Because we may know, if we continued to be coward, continue to put our so-called dignity on a symbol of violence and power, the whole world would despise us. They despise us because of our cowardice, and we will never have a chance to despise them because of our gained power. Because the whole world is being awake.

Why we still want a prison, even if we don’t want to be prisoners anymore? Why do we choose to be Chinese, not free men on their free land? It has nothing to do with patriotism; under all of those words lies merely cowardice. We are Chinese, not because our ancestors were born as Chinese, but because our grandfathers chose to surrender, kneel and betray instead of fighting before the horrible violence.

Therefore, why don’t we throw China away? I’m not speaking only to you, people of Hong Kong and Taiwan, but to all Chinese including myself. Ways are chosen by people themselves; judgment never falls. Why don’t we throw China away as a sign of our shameful past which needs repentance, and establish our free nations on this land, which had been cursed because of our cowardice? Why we still need the name of China to glorify ourselves even though we know that this China can only lead to self-deceiving? Why couldn’t we just deny ourselves as “Chinese”, just be normal people who are noble because of their insisting on their values?

This misery should end up now. I know that for the people who don’t believe in anything at all but bare power, I’m merely a clown without strength, boasting and deceiving those fools and want to put a shield before myself. They say: “Come back, let us beat you. Dare you? Tell us the names of your family members, dare you?”

Enough, it’s already enough. This misery, China, should be ended now! Don’t you have the desire to have a hug with each other with your true heart? You do have! Don’t you have the desire to fight for each other only for a simple aim of freedom, only for a principle on which you have never insisted? You do have! So why not doing the first step, to be brave, to admit, to renounce, to refuse to be a “Chinese”? Human beings can change, and so do we. We should change, and our only way is to change. Why can’t we convert our source of happiness from the bare judging and comparison of other people to the insist on noble values that may make us noble?

Let us build our own nations in our own hometowns; let us regard our new national flags not as an idol of violence that we have to worship in fear, but be proud of the stories bund with our flags, in which we fight for our freedom and the truth that we really treasure for the sake of our lives, like the people of Hong Kong with their beloved song today.

It’s not anything that needs a discussion. It’s a choice. It’s simply a choice. The choice facing by Hong Kong people is based on the choice of their fathers, and they haven’t gone deep. But you are the only those who can change your destiny. Are you determined to be the worms on corruption forever?

No, we can change! We can be human beings, and we are longing to be human beings.

For my people of Szechuan, I hope that you can make the decision to divert from the current way of darkness. When you are still under the control of fear, be strong, because there is hope. When you are abroad, you shall try your best to spread the courage of freedom towards your people; when you are in your land, you shall treasure your families and friends, believe that the fruits of freedom will bear from your faith. Be secret, protect yourself, but let everyone know that there is still hope.

We can escape from fear, we can fight against fear, we can secretly keep the hope, but we shall never surrender and lose our hearts. One day, we will have our own country, our own nation, which represents the noble spirit that we are all fighting for.

It’s also a great lesson for the West, and the whole world. The struggle between China and Hong Kong is so meaningful, that it tells the whole world, even within a claimed sovereign entity, the different conditions of society could cause such a conflict between our established world of light and warmness and the world of wilderness and animal instincts of Darwinism. It is and should be a defense of our common civilization; it’s not before another civilization, the so-called “Chinese Culture”, but is before our own weaknesses and evil rising in our own heart. A compromise to evil is destruction to civilization. I treasure our civilization, because now it is not only of you westerners, but also of all of us, and that gives me hope.

It’s a test of your faith in your value when facing China. The Hong Kong people are facing this struggle with their lives, and you westerners are facing this struggle with your future. China is not in this test, because only those who have the value are facing the test; Chinese people are now facing this test. Our common enemy is the spirit of evil and its symbol “China”, not Chinese people. We should encourage them instead of condemning them, we should support their courage instead of extirpating their hope.

Don’t do compromise with those which do not belong to the things you believe, for you are those who are being tested. It’s time for you to make a defense of yourselves.

And all of us should know, we should not choose the easier way, but the harder way. “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.”

Do not be neutral in this test — you shall never surrender.

Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.

Because your fight is our fight together.

Hongkongers, RESIST!

— Joanna,

a student comes from Basuria, or Szechuan, now in the People’s Republic of China

Hong Kong is falling: the Last Fight for Freedom

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