I originally wrote this post in Dutch somewhere in may 2017.

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Some developers love open source software and others just loathe it. I myself belong to the first group and would like to spend much more time on open source projects than I do at the moment.

Giving back

I have many reasons why I like to work on open source projects. One of them is very simple: giving back to the community. Like many developers, I use open source software on a daily basis. WordPress, the CMS system I almost always use when creating websites, for instance, is open source. …

my name is Bas and I am an online superhero!

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Awesome Online Superhero logo!

No, of course not.

I am frontend developer and I build websites. I do this without a cape or a mask. I’m also not a code-ninja or HTML assassin and I do not have a black belt in web development.

I do have over 10 years of experience as an allround web developer working on backend and frontend at the same time. Like some sort of one-man-band developer that can do everything, but is expert at nothing. This is why I have decided to mainly focus on frontend development…

It’s all about the information that you share.

When my girlfriend and I broke up last summer I decided that I would give Tinder a try. I heard a lot about it and was curious. And who knows? Maybe I will find my soulmate there!

It took me more than 2 weeks before I swiped to the right

I really liked the idea that you can like a person on Tinder, but they cannot see it until they like you back and you are a match in the Tinder heavens. Less chance of awkward situations where you declare your interest…

This is probably unpopular opinion, but I truly believe the most clients that are described as ‘the client from hell’ aren’t really difficult clients. Sure, some clients are easier to work with than others. But the real client from hell? No, that is a myth.

The real client from hell? That is a myth.

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So why do you hear so much complaining about these so called difficult clients?

In my experience, most difficult clients become that way during a project in which the communication is bad between a client and the company. It is really that simple. Clients get annoying when they receive something from you that doesn’t match with what they where expecting…

When I first started out as a webdeveloper I was a 100% for building your own CMS. And I felt like that for a long time. This was mainly because I didn’t like any existing CMS that I tried (Typo3, Mambo, I even didn’t like WordPress back then).

A few years later, and half way building my own CMS from a scratch for a third time (and worked on a few more in-house developed CMS systems during internships and jobs), the company I worked at decided that we were wasting too much time maintaining our own CMS and spending too…

Bas van den Wijngaard

I do stuff online, play guitar, I’m a dog owner and dad of a 2yo. I am an online superhero! onlinesuperhero.dev

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