I am an online superhero

my name is Bas and I am an online superhero!

Awesome Online Superhero logo!

No, of course not.

I am frontend developer and I build websites. I do this without a cape or a mask. I’m also not a code-ninja or HTML assassin and I do not have a black belt in web development.

I do have over 10 years of experience as an allround web developer working on backend and frontend at the same time. Like some sort of one-man-band developer that can do everything, but is expert at nothing. This is why I have decided to mainly focus on frontend development. So I can be an expert at that.

Frontend Developer

The online superhero?

Developers are no superhero’s, not even regular hero’s (unless you are also a firefighter or spider-man). But we keep getting described as such in those fancy descriptions in vacancies, so we might act a little bit more like hero’s.

With great power comes great responsibility
 — Uncle Ben

Because we as frontend developers have the ‘power’ to determine how people experience the web. Therefor we also have the responsibility to make sure the web is accessible for everyone.

Always. Forever.

This is where I want my main focus to be as frontend developer. Making awesome websites and online experiences that are accessible for everyone on as many devices as possible.

This ‘manifest’ is also available in Dutch at: https://onlinesuperheld.nl.