Music and its effects on the brain

I recently did a capstone essay on the importance of music in our schools and why funding needs to be continued for the arts. Being a musician myself and going into the career of music education, music is a big part of my life. With the growing threat of cutting funding for music education, I find it very important to share this video. While this video doesn’t go into depth about the funding aspects that I spoke about, It lays out the ways that music effects our brains.

This video by TED gives a brief description of what music does to the brain. It not only analyzes what music in general does. But, divides it into listening and playing. I find this very important to separate because many people feel that it is good enough just to listen to music. I feel it is very important for everyone to be able to play an instrument. I don’t think everyone should be a virtuoso on an instrument, but have the ability to pick up an instrument and play a melody.

In my essay, I spoke about how the funding for the arts is being threatened. There’s nothing new about this concept, arts activists have been battling for funding for a long time. It’s interesting how despite that arts being considered a core academic subject, it struggles to find any funding it can. While science and math, other core academics, have plenty of funding in most situations. I think it is important for everyone to understand why music can benefit everyone.

As spoke about in this video, Music is an ultimate workout for your brain. It relates your left and right brain together and strengthens both sides. This gives a lot of benefits to the brain that allows for creative thinking for solutions. It relates the workout to fire works. This video uses great imagery while discussing this topic and balances out the very informative lecture with interesting and fun ideas and concepts. The visual arts of the video is also entertaining and works well with the tone of the video.

This video does not have a call for action. However, I do. You should consider supporting your local arts programs and taking part in an art class. Everyone should consider picking up that trumpet that they put away years ago and trying to play “hot cross buns” again. If you don’t own an instrument, consider buying or renting one. A lot of people want to learn how to play piano or guitar but don’t put in the effort to learn. Maybe now they’ll consider giving it a shot.