I was answering an email today regarding an application for an exchange, which asked for a brief run down of Bata. I thought it maybe a good idea to share some content here also to the Medium Community.

So here it is…..

Bata is a open source community based coin that has not been funded by ICO, growth has been organic. Our source code is derived from Bitcoin Core 10 and Dash Core 12. Bata is a mine-able coin.

Bata was created in May 2015, as a Scrypt POW coin that was created to substitute trade credits within Barter Systems…

Update to BATA core version today to ensure you are receiving the correct #masternode rewards & network processing.

Download: https://github.com/BTA-BATA/Bataoshi/releases … or https://bata.io/#wallets

Compiled Wallets Available for: — Windows 32 / 64 — Mac / OS — Linux source code: https://github.com/BTA-BATA/Bataoshi …

Bata 0.16 wallet was made fully compatible with existing 0.10 network to prevent chain split. We made new wallet running on old network accepting and generating old version of blocks to make transition smooth.

After majority of network, meaning all exchanges &pools were updated to 0.16 wallet Bata activated new block version by spork. All 0.10 wallets rejected new block and were just stuck on last v1 block.

Because of specific v2 block structure of Bata some pools had and still have problem to configure stratum correctly. Also there was a bug in stratum causing bad block generated even with…

Our transition from a Scrypt based cryptocurrency to a multi algorithm is complete. Bata Core version nodes are the majority on the network.

A spork ( A multi-phased fork, colloquially known as a “spork”, is a mechanism used to safely deploy new features to the network through network-level variables to avoid the risk of unintended network forking during upgrades.) has been deployed for block #1121211, to dynamically increase rewards up to 0.25 BTA.

Bata is ready to mine in sha256d, x11, scrypt, lyra2z, x16r & nist5.

Masternodes payments will also increase as a result of increased miner rewards.


Just over 5000 blocks till Bata has 6 algorithms. Ensure you update your wallet to, it’s the latest source that is derived from Bitcoins newest core 0.16 and Dash core 0.12. A spork was activated a few days that will enable FxTC core features.

What is a SPORK?
A spork is a mechanism that was unique to Dash. Now a mechanism of Bata (BTA)
It used to safely deploy new features to the network through network-level variables to avoid the risk of unintended network forking during upgrades.

Update NOW. Older wallets than core 16 will fork in just over…

We are happy to announce the release of

Update includes Bitcoin Core 0.16 wallet with Dash Core 0.12 features.

We encourage all full node operators (pools, explorers) to update to avoid initial sync issues in the future.

Thanks go out to all contributors that made this release possible!

Wallets available for download — https://github.com/BTA-BATA/Bataoshi/releases

We are pleased to announce that we have updated our roadmap to now include Multi-Algo for Bata. PoW algorithms: Sha256d, Scrypt, Nist5, Lyra2z and x11.

The long awaited Masternodes will be launched at the same time as Core 0.16. update due late August 2018.

Development has been working with a number of developers from different cryptocurrency teams to ensure Bata’s future blockchain upgrades, namely Masternodes have no security flaws due to poorly written or unpatched code.

Masternodes will include instantsend, privatesend, keepass and other Dash features combined with SegWit, transaction fee updating, blockchain pruning and other Bitcoin features will be…

Since last time Bata posted…

Work is being done on integrating MN’s into core 10. Our specifications are unique as no other Scrypt POW / POS coin is running a core 10 wallet (the most secure). So our developers had to pick apart the code and go from there. Many long nights and many lines of code have been undertaken.

The work has been done directly and indirectly on Masternodes by Biznatchenterprises (part of dev team), who used the experience to benefit Bata.
More unforeseen time was taken on our firewall with observation, tweaks and coding, which did set us back…

Thanks everyone for your patience if you experienced any connection issues with the Bata network, updated 10.5.3 wallets are now available for Win32, Win64 & Linux Mint: https://github.com/BTA-BATA/BATA-SOURCE/releases

or https://bata.io/wallets

This release adds RPC functions to the internal node firewall, which addresses any connection issues.

Update your wallet today!

The following changes to take effect at block 850k:

Increase confirmation from 60 to 200 blocks,
Increase Total money supply from 5 Million to 10 Million
Static PoW reward of 0.25 Bata



Bata - Cryptocurrency blockchain built for barter.

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