Deploying Kyber on the Matic testnet

  • Deploying Kyber contracts on Matic testnet
  • Updating KyberSwap frontend to work with these contracts
  • Deploying the frontend to IPFS


$ npm -v
$ npm install npm@latest -g

Deploy contracts

$ git clone
$ cd kyber-matic/
$ npm install
$ npm run migrate
Deploy from:  0x8B4410C882dC2e01e1dE3022f0cd94C7D82723bF
Private key: 0x2d8f7c4810608f7fd1d258288e1c2dd9b171c0a07493324f4f3b989bad51f4fe
Starting compilation
Finished compilation
KyberNetworkCrystal: 0xa8274022E892fAFaC6a244200d38f9d3e4b5DbBd
KyberNetworkProxy: 0xfB6bC957AcfcAd5bfe32dD66081F797fF6CD0974
KyberNetwork: 0x5BbF1cE19E6b7A40435DF83f8D4aC60D8E7E48B9
ExpectedRate: 0x1d463bc37056EB4763D6A94B3F823955a04854Ed
FeeBurner: 0x3AB6ec775ffABF490DE41E74D8E98AB015a75f20
ConversionRates: 0x41ea11A0922604b7caF3D1D9E132De400Eb80cc2
KyberReserve: 0xB1445813d21DfB29A93E6DBBEf77A270BEf3b63A
KyberSwapLimitOrder: 0x985DfF5d7AA2107253b45866AaB5B9588e6D8c3f

Update KyberSwap frontend

$ git clone
$ cd KyberSwap/
$ npm ci
$ ls -1 env/config-env/
"build-matic": "NODE_ENV=matic node webpack-wrapper.js",
"matic": "webpack-dev-server --content-base src --inline --hot --history-api-fallback --host --port 3002 --env.chain=matic --env.logger=true",
data: data
}, blockno){
data: data
$ npm run matic

Deploy frontend

$ npm run build-matic
- trading_view/
- foundation-float.min.css
- foundation-prototype.min.css
- 0f7ddc24583501b1de6e5e652c6fb450.png
- aed5c16656d0b0cff3bf115adcd3935d.svg
- ea54324259d087da144746490d84dcb8.ttf
- 66313f98b4b49bebfc632fcdebe6a8bb.svg
- 9c46095118380d38f12e67c916b427f9.ttf
- a98626e1aef6ceba5dfc1ee7112e235a.ttf
- c88cecbffad6d8e731fd95de49561ebd.ttf
$ cd dist/matic/
$ python3 -m http.server
Go to http://localhost:8000
$ npm install -g ipfs-deploy
$ ipfs-deploy dist/matic


  • Add admins, operators, alerters for KyberNetwork, KyberReserve, ConversionRates, FeeBurner, ExpectedRate contracts
  • Set expected rate parameters
  • Set burn fee parameters
  • Set conversion rate parameters
  • List token




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