The Anti-Mistakes Culture: What Keeps Young People From Succeeding
Catalin Matei

There are no words in languages of humans or elves to describe the hatred I feel when reading such articles.

Yes, it’s shitty that our society doesn’t allow people to make mistakes. But, surprise, surprise, most people can’t afford mistakes. It’s fun to write “go out, tiger, get them all!” when you have a safety net, hefty sum on your account and family that will help you with it. 50% of Americans doesn’t have $500 on their name. Tell them to go and make mistakes, one that will cost them $1000 could be a death blow, pushing them into a debt spiral. When you are not an entrepreneur and a CEO you just can’t afford mistakes.

And you know what? It’s the problem of the entire system that undermined the safety, that took away the practical ability to make mistakes and you’re pushing the blame on individuals. It’s not a problem of a culture or whatever, it’s a strictly economic-based problem that won’t go away by pretending it doesn’t exist.

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