Stop Trying to Be Good. Start Trying to Be Whole
Benjamin Foley

What if the “real” you is selfish, self-involved, and lazy? God wants more of that? Eh. The only reason God would be interesting to me as a deity is if It stands for the qualities of love, kindness, mercy, justice, fairness, long-suffering, etc. If Its primary purpose is to be adored, then that just sounds needy and insecure.

I don’t know what qualifies as “good” or “bad” in the schema (although I do suspect“light” and “darkness” is a thing), but moral courage, for example, is rare and therefore interesting, because it requires the doing of the difficult thing rather than the easy thing. Jesus exemplified this.

Aldous Huxley asked the question “Why do some have access to grace and enlightenment and others do not?” in his book ‘The Perennial Philosophy.” He noted qualities that seem to be necessary as a precondition, two of which are humility and loving kindness.

Those seem like reasonable prerequsites, though they in no way earn said grace or enlightenment but perhaps create the conditions for it.

So maybe rather than being just “you” one should move towards being the best version of “you”?

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