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If anyone believes Trump gives a shit about protocol or anyone’s opinion of him then I have a bridge on Mars I want to sell you….I’ll even show you the bridge by using telescope…Of course the telescope will just have a picture of a bridge…See I can be as underhanded and unethical as a Republican. They aren’t called Con servatives for nothing.

Seriously President-elect(god that makes me physically sick saying that)Trump is going to systematically ruin our country and take every safety net away, privatize everything so that wiping your ass in a gas station bathroom will cost you,by the sheet. He is going to make people of color, any color other than lily white, 2nd class citizens to where the civil rights act will even be wiped off the books. Women will have no say so over their bodies not that is going to make much of a difference as no one will have health insurance but women won’t be able to get health care when pregnant unless they are rich. You know the Republicans…Protect that fetus but can’t care less about the child…That’s another point, that needs to be examined. The rich getting richer, such as Cheetoface making his brand expand because if you think he’s going to give up his business ventures when he says I do then I’ve got a 2nd bridge on Mars I can sell you. His hotels will now be “President Trump Hotels” to which he will build one in every city in the world.

Look…I could sit here and write this crap all night about how screwed we all are but if people aren’t going to fight every day, tooth and nail to, to resist this presidency than I have no respect for ya. Donald J Trump is a bigger menace to our well being then Nazi Germany and Japan were, and we just might be getting a real close up of what life was in Germany during the 1930’s if Trump gets his way because we will be reliving it.

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