Having to forego my college experience to gain independence

The dedication that was put forth in order to be an independent 20 something year old.

For as long as I can remember I had a very dependent personality. I enjoyed the comfort of being sheltered in my family home, never did I have to cook or clean, it was convenient. As I graduated high school I realized the dependency I had on the people in my life and felt as though it was time to make a change for myself. It was time I learned to handle life for myself. I was attending community college at LA Pierce College and decided to get my first real job, I applied countlessly, ones I was far from qualified for but did anyways. However, I kept on applying until I finally received an interview as a receptionist at a solar company. It was then that I got my first real job, I managed to work full time and take classes at night. Giving up on the college partying and the experience of going to college, I achieved goals I thought were never possible at my age, for instance, I leased my first bmw on my own by 21 and moved into my own apartment by 23 and half.

I would like to write about this topic because I never noticed how much I gave up on my youth in order to gain success and independence. At the time the only thing I found important was making it on my own, however, a point came where I needed to finish my education, but I couldn’t revert back to being taken care of by my family. Therefore, for the last two years of my college career I had to work full time and go to school full time meaning, I had to miss out on certain University activities or could not take advantage of the campus connections. I have had to give up a lot of my ‘youth’ to ensure I would pass my classes but still excel at work.

I plan to report on how many students have had to defer their education because of work demands or have had to both work and attend school full time. I think this matters because our current administration believes taxpayers should not pay for higher education and if this continues college becomes more expensive and less accessible. As a result, society will forego attending school and working mediocre jobs in order to make a living or take a small amount of classes so they can afford their units. I really think this matters because our society can result in being less educated or aware of certain formalities, causing them to be behind the average and not excel in their workplace.

I plan to interview students to see how many have to do both work and school full time, interview the school psychologists to see their perspective on how this effects student stress, grades, and the percentage of students that have had to drop out.

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