In the Midst of Chabad of Woodland Hills

Where does the Jewish community get their media?

On September 21, 2017 while at temple to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, I asked several temple goers what ethnic media means to them and what outlets they get their news from. The temple I attend is Chabad of Woodland Hills, my family and I have been going to this temple for several years, mainly on the high holidays. I enjoy this temple because there are all types of people that attend and that truly love the Jewish religion.

The first person I spoke to was Shani Shloman, she is 23 years old and came to the United States about two years ago. According to Shani, ethnic media is what made her feel at ‘home’ her regular go-to’s were online newspaper Israeli Week and the Jewish Journal. She recommends these two the most because they helped her find a job and also built a community, through these news outlets she was able to meet new people and go to events throughout the Los Angeles, CA area.

Shani & I at break of services on Rosh Hashanah

Next, I met Yacov Salman, 63, he came to the United States 30 years ago. When I asked him why he came out here in the first place he said “my whole entire family came here and when my uncle asked me if I wanted to help him with his business I couldn’t say no.” Yacov prefers to read Shavua Israeli, he likes this newspaper because it is weekly and keeps him informed with what is going on in the States but also in Israel in a language he is very comfortable reading. He wasn’t really sure by what I meant when I said ‘ethnic media’ to him it was just comfort and normal to go to a news outlet in his native language. After explaining what I felt ethnic media he quickly said right after, “ I love that we have all different cultures and languages in the USA and that there are medias that can help foreigners gather news easily. Its quite inspiring to see how much we have progressed.”

Yacov & I outside after services

Lastly, I met Brittany Kronfeld, 26, she grew up in the Oak Park, CA area and has grown up in an Jewish American home. She never paid much attention to ethnic media, her media consisted of the Washington Post and the occasional gossip magazine, People. However, five years ago she went to Israel on birthright, there she really fell in love with her culture and religion. She started attending Chabad more frequently and also started reading the Jewish Observer because she felt it really captured Israel and Judaism positively and correctly. Brittany tries to keep up but reads here and there, and tries to ensure she observes the holidays and checks the latest news in Israel.

Brittany & I Talking about how we grew up really close to each other!

It was really intriguing meeting and talking to people who are all so different yet the same. Whether it was age, gender, or when they came to the states, ethnic media meant something different to each but had powerful impact as well.

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