O’Reilly’s Irish Pub, Gibraltar.

I have to start this review by saying that in my opinion, I believe this pub might just be Keith’s (my drinking partner on our 2016 Gibraltar tour) favourite pub in all of Gibraltar.

Keith Chilling.

Trust me O’Reilly’s Irish Pub doing this review for your establishment is an honour.

Now down to actually reviewing O’Reilly’s Irish pub, I would like to be able to say that this pub is a tiny little taste of a traditional Irish pub that has a passion and a feeling that is un-mistakenly Irish & that the pub had been picked up from Ireland & placed in sunny Gibraltar, however other than a few Irish maps inside the bar area inside the pub itself I personally did not get that Irish feeling. Seriously who wants to sit inside a bar in the lovely sunny Gibraltar, either day time or evening time? I did however get very confused by the Gaelic/Irish signage on the toilet doors which could have led to an embarrassing moment (luckily, I ended up in the correct toilet).

So that’s the negative out the way, you will be pleased to now that everything else about O’Riellys Irish pub is a HUGE positive.

Myself and Keith probably visited O’Reilly’s on several occasions over the 4 days that we were visiting Gibraltar on our 2016 tour. The most striking thing about the pub has to be its location, it’s all about location, location, location and O’Reilly’s got its location 100% correct, it is located on the marina overlooking the boats that are that are sitting bobbing up and down, it is also nestled alongside all the other other bars as the area is definitely posh bar central meaning that there is plenty of people wondering past the seating area to the front of the bar, most of the foot traffic is people coming and going from the lovely Sunborn hotel which is also a truly lovely sight (I am giving serious consideration to booking the Sunborn hotel for my next visit to Gibraltar and the Sunborn hotel is very close to O’Reilly’s Irish pub). The biggest positive I can think of for O’Reilly’s Irish pub now that I am sitting back at home in England with the central heating burning a hole in my pocket is the outdoor seating area as it is a proper suntrap and it is perfect for the sun worshiper who likes to sit in the sun whilst enjoying a beverage or two (three or four).

The Sunborn Hotel.

The staff at O’Reilly’s Irish pub were always friendly and they always smiled, it was service at the table so no need to go into the bar area to purchase your drinks, they will be bring your drinks to you at your table along with a friendly smile. The beer did not taste like the wishey washey stuff you get in pubs here in England, it was a good pint and served nice and cold. The price of a beer was a little more expensive than some of the other pubs in Gibraltar but when you factor in the location it is a fair price.

This was Keith’s Carvery, I did not have the Veggies, However I had extra crackling.

The last thing for me to comment on is the wonderful carvery that is served at O’Reilly’s Irish pub on a Sunday afternoon; I have already reviewed the booking process for O’Reilly’s Irish pub so please feel free to have a look. I really don’t know what else I can say about the carvery other than yum, yum, yum, it was absolutely fantastic. Me and Keith arrived early at O’Reilly’s and decided to sit in the outside drinking area and have a few drinks after a hard morning chasing monkeys and enjoying a wonderful view up on top of the Rock of Gibraltar, yet despite being at the pub well before our booking time we still managed to be late for the carvery, this was my fault as I forgot the time or lost track of the time, so despite arriving at O’Reilly’s early we ended up being a whole 40 minutes late for the carvery but we still got seated, the dining area at O’Reilly’s is inside the conservatory area which unfortunately meant that we ended up having to sit indoors on a truly beautiful day, but to my surprise our table still had our reserved sign on it. The system at the O’Reilly’s for the carvery is as follows, the staff give you a ticket and when your ticket number is called you can then go and get your carvery, simple. I have to be honest the smell was heavenly & there were two chefs waiting to serve our food & both chefs were very chatty and really friendly, the chefs where also very generous with the meat (I have never said that about 2 men before LOL). The meat chooses available to us were basically all the meat types that most British people choose between for a traditional Sunday roast, but I did not have to make a chouse as the chefs gave me a slice or two of all the meats that O’Reilly’s had on offer & as a little bonus to myself to make up for me not wanting any veggies on my plate the chef gave me extra crackling….again YUM (It is the small things that make me happy).

So, to summarise, O’Reilly’s is a truly wonderful pub that is set in a tiny little piece of sunny Britain in the Mediterranean (Britain in the sun), the location in Gibraltar is fantastic, the staff smiled and was friendly, I did not have to wait to long for service, the carvery was divine and the prices at O’Reilly’s are not the cheapest but the prices are acceptable given the location, the only negative is the Irish feel was lacking for me.

So, if you are in Gibraltar have a visit to O’Reilly’s Irish pub, you will love it.

It scores a 9/10 in book.