The O’Callaghan Elliot Hotel, Gibraltar.

The O’Callaghan Elliot Hotel is approximately 15 to 20 minutes of steady walking from Gibraltar’s fairly new and impressive international airport, the walk itself is a truly wonderful walk….first of all you get to walk across the runway which is a weird experience in itself and the runway is surrounded by the sea making it a pleasant place to walk across especially at twilight, and as an additional treat for myself and Keith both of us keen to get to the O’Callaghan Elliot Hotel to drop our bags off and start our lad’s weekend and our Gibraltar 2016 tour was that when we looked to our left following the end of the runway and then across the sea and up to the horizon was the largest and brightest moon I have ever had the pleasure to gaze upon, just hanging there majestically shimmering on the sea and lighting up the runway, whist to the right we could see the last faint glimmer of the days fading light. I have to say that it truly took my breathe away.

The hotel approch from the Square.

However, this review is about the O’Callaghan Elliot Hotel and after a walk up Main Street, just nestled amongst a square that is just up some steps off Main Street, it was a pleasant approach to the tucked away O’Callaghan Elliot Hotel. We entered through the court yard reserved for the bar’s patrons which lead to the main reception area, the reception was bright and welcoming as was the receptionist, I didn’t even have to search through my baggage for the confirmation paperwork, I just gave her my name and with a smile she asked me to sign my life away on some paperwork and handed me the electronic key in a nice little paper wallet with the O’Callaghan Elliot Hotel livery on the front. The receptionist then directed us to the lift and then to our room.

A very tidy hotel room.

The room itself was fairly standard, there was 2 single beds (which was a relief for both myself and Keith) a table and 2 chairs, TV on a dressing table type thing, the bathroom was clean and to a good standard (I am not going to write chapter and verse about the bathroom as it was clean and well perfect for our needs), the balcony was small, just enough room to sit and chill but the view was not the best as we was on the 2nd floor and therefore had building’s between us and the sea, I would assume that the more expensive rooms on the upper floors have a fantastic view of the sea, but this is Gibraltar and it is a built up location and unless you are willing to put your hand into your pocket you get what you paid for and as I only paid £257 all in for 3 days (including breakfast) I have to say that the O’Callaghan Elliot Hotel ticked all my boxes and more, one of the most Important things for me above and beyond the aesthetics of the hotel is cleanliness and I have to say the O’Callaghan Elliot Hotel felt clean to me and therefore I could sleep in the bed without stressing out (trust me I do stress over hotel beds).

OK, so we are now settled in our room and of course our thoughts turn to alcohol, so it was decided that before we head down into Main Street we would test out the hotel bar, so I asked Keith what he wanted to drink (surprise, surprise it was cider) & like a true English man I proceeded to que at the bar, however a really pleasant Spanish member of the bar staff keep asking me if I need anything, then I realised that in Gibraltar bar patrons get served at the table….result…so I gave him the order and awaited the amber necture…I was not disappointed, the beer was cold and not the wishey washey watered down rubbish you get in some pubs in England and trust me the first one went down really well, hence we decided to have a second at the hotel bar.

Then a really wonderful thing happened whilst we were enjoying our seconded point, the moon that we had enjoyed as we walked over the runway had decided to make an appearance over the Rock and buildings, it was a wonderful sight, I don’t ever recall the moon looking like that in the UK.

The camera could not capture the beauty of the moon.
Selfie of me and Keith in the hotel bar.
A beer and Cider sample, and only around £3 a pint.

After our first night out in Gibraltar and after collapsing into our beds, what we needed in the morning was some substance, so we made our way up to the top floor for some breakfast (we followed our noses). We got the breakfast restaurant and we queued to be seated, a very attractive Polish lady greeted us with a welcoming smile and guided us to our table and fetched me a much need pot of tea. The breakfast is a buffet style English breakfast, beans, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs ect ect, and it also had a fair choose of continental style breakfast items (I stuck with the tea and full English). Then once we had sat we noticed the view from the restaurant windows, the restaurant is on the seventh floor and the views across Gibraltar and then across the bay are fantastic. The windows frame Gibraltar in all its glory.

The resturant.

Finally, the pool is just set to the side of the restaurant, I did not do any swimming but it looked a pleasant place to spend a little time whilst the sun was shining or walk up a couple of steps to the very top level to enjoy panoramic views of the rock or Gibraltar town and the bay, even Morocco.

So in summery……..The O’Callaghan Elliot Hotel in Gibraltar is not a 5 Star Hilton, but it is a truly a majestic hotel with its little bar and terrace area, the rooms are what you can expect from any hotel but they are clean and that is a super plus for me. The staff was friendly, I even had a member of staff on reception offer to call “Gibraltar” with one off my queries, I’m not sure what number “Gibraltar” is on but it made me and Keith chuckle.

So I will go with a pleasant 9/10 for the O’Callaghan Elliot Hotel…..I smile every time I think about the place…..

Thankyou O’Callaghan Elliot Hotel for a wonderful weekend away, I will be back again soon with my wife and hopefully a Gibraltar 2017 tour with Keith.