An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

I fully agree that the minimum wage and housing cost situations are ridiculous. Minimum wage needs to go up, and the government needs to step in and provide good-quality public housing in good locations without allowing that housing to degenerate into a ghetto (see the public housing programs in places like Singapore and Hong Kong for an example of how to do it right).

But it doesn’t change the fact that you are living beyond your means without justification. You don’t have a child to support. You aren’t a divorced male with punishing alimony payments. You don’t have elderly family members who lost their jobs and health insurance and are at risk of foreclosure. You are a single female who isn’t obliged to financially support any dependents. And at the age of 25 you should know better than to live the way you currently do on that salary (I’ve seen the instagram photos, please don’t BS about eating nothing but rice every night).

The last time I made bad financial decisions, I was 15 years old and spent every cent I made as a cashier (summer job) on video games and junk food.

Today I save over 50% of my after-tax income. Not living alone has done wonders for my finances btw.

Oh and your complaint about being cold in a city like San Fran was hilarious. I live in Canada and our winters are much worse yet I am extremely conservative with heating, doing the bare minimum to prevent water pipes from freezing. Wearing a sweater to sleep is something many normal people do without complaining. And yes, I’ve been to SF a few times including during the winter and if Canadian winters were that good, I’d save even more on heating!

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