Bathroom Vanities with Tops — Know Some Advantages and Disadvantages

Choosing a right vanity top is certainly important. You are expected to make a right decision and choose a material that is fully water resistant, makeup, toothpaste and also acetone based liquids and also of course soap. Majority of modern bathroom vanity tops are made up of different materials that are listed below with some advantages and disadvantages.

Tempered Glass

Advantages — The bathroom vanities with tops made from this material is the easiest surface to clean and also has very great tolerance to heat. It will not melt or burn easily.

Disadvantages — Though such option has been heat treated to enhance its great strength, it can easily scratch to also chip that depends on how it is handled.

Solid Porcelain

Advantages — It is something that generally provides a contemporary appearance and also matches perfectly with those of some other important fixtures in the bathroom.

Disadvantages — It tends to be easily cracked on the abuse.

Cultured Pipe

Advantages — It is generally prepared from the combination of those of marble chips and also acrylic resin, cultured marble offers and also the classic and shiny appearance of natural marble and granite without price tag.

Disadvantages — Those of heavy falling objects and also extreme heat tends to cause such surface to scratch, chip or also melt.