A 22 years old ambitious lady coming all the way from a modest town of Southern Kazakhstan. I have never imagined that I would be all the way here now. Graduate of prestigious university in Kazakhstan, unemployed for more than one month already and not sure about the future ahead.

My goal is to succeed in life. Richard Branson once said: “True success should be measured by how happy you are.” I am alive, fed and secure, basically happy at some point. However, some things will make me more happy and successful as well. Here is the list of “Happiness”:

  1. Go abroad for studies
  2. Find someone special
  3. Work at “dream job”
  4. Earn a lot of income
  5. Immigrate to another country
  6. Provide help to Mom
  7. Travel the world

I would say it is basic goals that might take the whole life. Right now at the first item of “happiness bucket list”. Hopefully, everything goes well and I will be one step happier.

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