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An engineering leader and I discussed various experiences we’ve had with poorly-performing team members and came to the same conclusion: Caring is 90 percent of what makes an engineer successful in an organization. This concept has evolved over the years but as I’ve thought about the previous teams I’ve led and the current teams I work with, the central concept of caring keeps resurfacing front and center. But, caring is such a broad and ambiguous term. I had a hard time explaining it as this behavior came through the work…

This was originally posted on our blog

TL;DR : team building based on core behaviors

SYNQ 2018 Dev Summit in SF

Recently, we had a candidate go through our hiring process, which entails a 1–2 week trial working with our development team. He did exceedingly well and on his first PR, had brought up documentation convention in Elixir, which lead to discussions around our “coding philosophy” and why we document and why do we even care? This ultimately lead us to revamp our “Getting Started” guide, and the core behaviors we care about at this company.

Core Behaviors

While it looks similar to “Core Values”, it’s slightly different…

TL;DR — check out our gosample repo.

This article was originally posted on the SYNQ blog.

Here at SYNQ, we’ve built our Video API service on Golang. While we move from a monolithic microservice architecture (more on that in a future story) to individual self contained services, we’re creating a lot more repositories.

When I was tasked with building our new “v2” API service (codenamed “Aerico”), which will provide a more flexible Video JSON object, I was about to use the same “SYNQ scaffolding” from another repo (Hydra) when I decided to build a little Gosample app first. …

There are a lot of tools out there, and sometimes its hard to sift through them all. Here’s a simple guide to combine 3 tools, Runscope, PagerDuty and StatusPage to create a powerful cloud operational workflow that will give you peace of mind and clear visibility to your application for your customers and internal teams alike!

In case you’re not familiar with the tools, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Runscope — highly flexible API testing and monitoring service
  • PagerDuty — incident management system
  • StatusPage — Customer-facing API health status page

The workflow

It’s important to implement tools for specific purposes, and we wanted…

This post was originally published on the SYNQ blog.

In my last article, I talked about the key advantages APIs based companies have, but it might still be a little fuzzy on what exactly makes the model better. I believe there are two key concepts that differentiate the APIs of today vs the past. It lies in the seemingly paradoxical features of simplicity and flexibility . The reason for this is actually related to the developers seemingly contradictory behavior of “I am lazy” and “I can write everything myself”.

Extremely Easy to Start

  • Easy signup process
  • Free Trial or Low per usage or tiered…

Somewhere between 300 to 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. By 2020, if you decided to watch every single video that was uploaded in a one-month time frame, it would take you 5 million years. In the same year, Cisco predicts that around 75% of global mobile data traffic will come from video.

On the enterprise side of things, metro police stations can generate up to 10,000 (or more) hours of video a week. As the ability to capture useful data from video becomes more efficient, companies will move more and more to remote video monitoring…

Well, I knew this day would eventually come, but it came a little sooner than expected; My family and I are moving back to San Francisco. We moved out to Kansas back in January 2014, and spent 3 wonderful years there. I’ve made many friends, reached out to the entrepreneur community and started feeling at home in the tech community (a growing and thriving group by the way). But the pull of California and specifically San Francisco was strong. I started my career in Silicon Valley and my close friends and family are out there. On top of that, I…

tl;dr : Check out our ex_gecko plugin on GitHub

If you haven’t heard, Geckoboard is a fantastic live dashboard company which makes it very easy to get key metrics on a beautifully designed board. On one of our previous milestones, we made a big push to get “Production ready” and did a two week sprint to get us there. One big component was building up a key set of metrics for us to monitor.


First, we came up with a list of key metrics we wanted to gather. So initially we came up with this list

  • API Status and Response…

I recently joined GMS (Growth Mentoring Service), an entrepreneur mentoring service covering the KC metro area. It’s part of ECJC, “a non-profit organization that connects entrepreneurs with the resources they need to grow and scale”. I have a technology background and one of the first things I asked was, “Do you have a technology workshop”? The answer was “No, but we’d love to have one, you volunteering?” Well, it serves me right for opening my big mouth, but instead of working on a Google Doc, I figured I blog about how I’d envision it would work.

Ideal Candidate

If you’re a non-technical…

tl;dr : check out the code to run your own mini GitHub CI server

We use Runscope to test our backend APIs (and Ghost Inspector for our front-end) and these run as triggers in our Heroku pipeline whenever we deploy to our staging and prod environments. However, for our “Review App” within our Heroku Pipeline, it is a bit kludgy. We’ve setup the “postdeploy” hook in our app.json so that we trigger a Runscope test after the app is up. However, what we really want is Runscope tests to block a PR from being merged just like we have with…

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