Ethereum DevCon4 just ended, after 4 full and intense days, with tens of talks, workshops and satellite events, all attracting about 5–6000 persons. I’m starting a short series of DevCon reports based on selected talks I attended. Here’s the first episode.

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Day zero, first talk I attended was Refundable ICOs by Fabian Vogelsteller. For anyone who followed the ICO bubble, comparisons with wild west, gold rush or tulip bubble are not unheard of. People rushed to invest in anything, hoping for at least 10x profits in a time-span of months. And projects were popping up each day with a minimal…

We experimented with email marketing in our first year at Sailo in hopes of promoting our platform. [Sailo is a boat and yacht rental marketplace operating in North America and Europe]. We employed an email marketing company that possessed a large database of emails, along with demographic information and of course, user consent to receive advertising materials. They were able to select for potential customers who lived close to a coastal area, had higher income and had interest in outdoor activities. So we made a trial run.

The marketing company will generate the potential customer selection as well as execute…

Mining Bitcoin on CPU or GPU is no longer profitable, for a while now. But what if you just keep your computer mining, by itself, without joining a mining pool? After all, it’s your ticket to the 12.5 BTC (~$75,000) lottery award, given out every 10 minutes. What is the probability to win this award? How does it compare with probability of winning an old fashioned lottery? Let’s see the numbers.

Bitcoin mining at its core, is a search for a solution to a math problem. Anyone can participate by allocating computing power and the chances to find the solution…

Bogdan Batog

Experienced CTO, blockchain researcher, cofounder of

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