Battersea Banter — anyone?

You’ve been seeing some tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram pics(says me hopefully!) and wondering what or who is this? Why are they stalking me? Do I know them etc etc… Your reaction and thoughts are completely on the mark.

Battersea Banter is a place where you can come for conversations about Battersea and all that it has to offer – and have some fun along the way.

Well – that’s the plan anyway. But here’s the catch – it’s the plan of a mum of two very different kids with opposite interests. It’s the plan of a mum who also cannot say no – and we all know where that leads us. It’s also the plan of a mum who loves her life and has her priorities right (delusional — again!).

To be honest, I have been a ‘Battersean’ (or is it Batterseaite?) for many years but I don’t think I’ve totally embraced being one. I’ve always marvelled at all it had to offer — almost like a spectator. I have never owned the feeling of being from Battersea — I had yet not tried to Be Battersea!

So I decided to go on this exploratory journey to discover Battersea for myself — and it has already been so enriching and interesting. I didn’t know Battersea originated from the Anglo-Saxon — Badrices īeg = “Badric’s Island" (Who was this Badric??!) and then referred as Patricsey — from St Peter’s of Westminster Abbey.

Then I read about the Battersea Fields — and little bundles of Asparagus grown here were sold as “Battersea Bundles”. And, did you know that a majestic Exhibition Centre called Albert Palace stood in place of the present day Prince of wales Mansions(much like the Crystal Palace) — and did you know there was an Irish connection? How many of you visit the “Old English Garden” and watch how the scenery changes week on week? I can hear some of you wondering where is this Old English Garden? It is inside Battersea Park (doh!).

Anyway, now you get the picture — I’ve opened a door, now travel through, I must. Will you join me on this journey? I would love your company, comments and feedback. By the way, please go short on criticism as I don’t handle criticism well(I’m a mum — I’m always hard on myself — I don’t need others for that).

Stay tuned for the next blog where we will ramble deeper into more interesting topic.