Tough Love

Today we have a special Guest Blogger who has put Shadow’s Love predicaments in human words here…Hope you enjoy it :)

Another spring day. Time for my morning rounds. I feel energetic — ‘let’s go for a walk Shadow’ I hear. I leap to the door and off we go. I wonder who awaits me in the Battersea Park today.

What did that human poet Wordsworth say….

The birds around me hopped and played,
Their thoughts I cannot measure: —

Well he is wrong. It is my brethren that consume my thoughts this morning. The fickle nature of dangerous liaisons — woof, woof.

I spot Oscar — the poodle, huh the swagger is unbearable at this hour. If a dog could be a peacock — he would be it! Then I see Muppet — the lab. Too many carbs maybe? Dog biscuits also need moderation — how about a protein bone broth diet? She dawdles, eyes me sheepishly, I try to avoid the pool of her big brown eyes….she always makes me guilty….give me a break! I cannot settle for this right now, I need more. Maybe being shallow is not a bad thing — appearances matter I muse.

Ah hello Brutus! He is limping less today. He is a big German Shepherd and I like him. I am pleased to see his limp has improved — I wag my greetings and so does he. I told him not to let the big Alsatian Hero sit on him. We all need to protect ourselves. After all life is more fragile than we think. Maybe I am not so shallow after all…I do care.

Ah…Where is my cocker spaniel Goldie, my soulmate? The one with the pink and yellow ribbons, like a streak of sunshine or a fleeting rainbow with her golden tresses and her ribbons. I spot her further down by the pond — chasing the ducks, lucky them! I feel a pang….maybe that’s what humans call jealousy. Keep a grip Shadow, I tell myself in vain — doggie lasses don’t like swooning dogs. I woof to draw her attention and my tail wags on its own accord. I wish I was more poker tailed. I can’t help it… like it has a life of it’s own. She looks at me and my soul leaps. Then she runs and chases me. My day is made…I run behind the rhododendron, she stamps on the daffodils, oh she is reckless. Why do we always like cruel lassie doggies…. May that is what tough love is!

I hear ‘Shadow let’s go home.’ Alas — until tomorrow Goldie. Will you wear the yellow ribbon tomorrow I woof? She rolls her eyes..toughie! Cruel!

But some tough love is good for me I think. Don’t you?