Consult your Calgary DUI Lawyer to know about the Recent Changes in Impaired Driving Law

With the announcement of major changes to impaired driving laws, it has become more important to seek guidance from your Calgary DUI lawyer for the same. In the new ruling, the court struck down a section of law impeding the immediate suspension of the suspected’ rising license up till the resolution of the case in the court. Making any kind of a mistake in a charge for impaired driving, the accused faces potential life challenging battle. Although the most promising lawyer will advise you to remain free of any DUI criminal charge is the best situation. However, you might get trapped in legal hassle if things don’t work your way. This means that you should stay away from your car if you have been drinking lately.

Serious consequences of Calgary DUI:

Persons who are convicted of drunk driving in Calgary are those whose blood alcohol level is higher than 0.08. Those whose blood levels are between the range of 0.05 -0.08 should find themselves levied with administrative charges, temporary license suspension, vehicle impounding and also other consequences. In case of the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of more than 0.08, the person is likely to be levied with criminal charges. There is an automatic suspension of the driver’s license of the charged immediately after the arrest. A DUI lawyer can help you to reverse the suspension. On conviction, one faces substantial fines and also a sentence of up to 1 year in the jail.

Calgary Police powers:

the Calgary Police officer may ask an individual to undergo the roadside sobriety test. This also includes the use of a breath analyzer for measuring the BAC. This can be done at the time of any routine stop if they suspect that you are driving while bringing intoxicated. Police can also set up sobriety checkpoints at various points to make sure that individuals are not drinking and driving. This can be done at a time when there is no reason to suspect that DUI charges on an individual driver. You can get a help from Calgary DUI Lawyer for helping you out of a difficult situation. You may visit Criminal Lawyer Calgary to find your DUI lawyer.

Originally Posted in on September 5, 2017