A film that blends modern Art Conservation with rare children’s history


The Quest to save 600,00 Children


The latest film by Florence Resident Filmmaker Davide Battistella will have its Florence premier MAY 17, 2019 with screenings the following week at the Cinema della Compagnia. Battistella, who made Florence his home since arriving from Canada in 2011, has made his love of Florence his subject matter, filming themes of daily work, faith, art history, photography and the work of Florentine artisans and contemporary artists.

The Innocents of Florence is a modern account of art restorers in Florence who begin work on a 600 year old painting leading them on a journey to uncover the story of the city’s forgotten children, and the women who saved them. The 90 minute feature length process documentary took a five years to complete. The director will be present at the premiere screening.

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More about the Filmmaker

David Battistella moved from Toronto to Florence, Italy in 2011 and began researching and making historical films in his new adopted home. In that time he has documented everything from fine art photography, artisans, religious and contemporary life in Florence and has presented TED talks in two languages on his research and findings.

David refers to himself as a neighbourhood filmmaker and creates intimate relationships with Florentines to tell the stories hidden in this fascinating city. The son of Italian immigrants to Canada, his journey has led him back to Italy to explore his Italian heritage and roots.

His fascination with the city has led him to create 4 films and with this 90 minute film, documenting the painstaking process of a painting conservation while uncovering the story of Europe’s first orphanage. Production began in 2013 taking five years to complete.




Handmade films. Podcaster. Writer. Thinker. Focusing Teacher

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David Battistella

David Battistella

Handmade films. Podcaster. Writer. Thinker. Focusing Teacher

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