The Wastelands

4 min readNov 10, 2022

The quiet remains of humanity’s greatest endeavors — massive cities, sprawling industrial sites, complex engines of war and space travel, slowly falling to the loving embrace of nature.

Where once there was bustle and hum, there is now only a hallowed silence.

Where once thousands packed together, there is now only a vast beautiful emptiness.

Where once heavy feet trudged over well worn paths, there is now only the whirl and buzz of BattleFlys in flight.

Humanity once found power and awe in these stunning vistas, the drones who have come since also expect power — in the form of Mods — and scavenge technological advantage for the battles ahead.

Attention BattleFlys

On November 21st, we’re powering up the BattleFly network. As gFLY begins flowing through and securing the network, The Wastelands open for business.

These lands are scavenged by hopeful BattleFlys searching for materials needed to produce mods. Scavenging however, comes with a cost. BattleFlys must pay a tax to the owners of these lands each time they search them. As more and more BattleFlys search these lands, the tax rewards flow generously to Wasteland owners.

So who owns these Wastelands? How do I get one? The answer comes down to a mix of luck, loyalty, and competition…

The contest begins

With the launch of this collection, we had the unique opportunity to both reward and incentivize members of the BattleFly ecosystem. Below is the distribution breakdown.

Staking snapshot will occur randomly in the first few weeks capturing top wallets staking.

Starting on November 21st, users who lock gFLY and/or gFLY:MAGIC LP tokens for more than 90 days are contending to receive a Wastelands NFT. A random snapshot will be taken in the first few weeks to capture the top wallets that are staking, thus determining who will receive a Wasteland NFT.

Wasteland Rewards

So how does this all work in practice? Let’s start with the following context:

  • A single Mod Pack costs 10 MAGIC
  • 30% of the MAGIC spent on Mod Packs is distributed evenly to Wasteland NFT stakers.
  • There are currently 30,000 BattleFlys in existence. Note: This number will increase over time as we look to expand our player base.

With that context in mind, let’s look at some oversimplified, potential scenarios, starting with a conservative scenario.

  • 10% of BattleFlys play weekly
  • On average, these BattleFlys buy 1 Mod Pack / week
  • Result: Each Wasteland NFT would claim ~6.4 MAGIC a day

So, what if we look at a more bullish scenario.

  • Through breeding in future seasons, we grow our existing supply to 120K BattleFlys
  • 50% of BattleFlys play weekly
  • On average, these BattleFlys buy 3 Mod Packs / week
  • Result: Each Wasteland NFT would claim ~386 MAGIC a day

The result may lie somewhere between these two scenarios, but the key theme is that Wastelands have the potential to deliver ongoing Magic yield by helping power the BattleFly network.

But what if I participate in the staking contest and don’t end up staking enough to receive a Wasteland NFT? There are still substantial benefits to staking your gFLY or LP tokens…

gFLY and LP Locking Benefits

Locking gFLY or gFLY:MAGIC LP tokens is the closest thing to buying space in a Harvester. The MAGIC emissions from locked gFLY/LP in Flywheel 2.0 come from a daily pool of MAGIC built straight from the Harvester emissions. The emissions are dynamic in nature being based on the size of that day’s MAGIC pool, and how much gFLY/LP all participants have locked in Flywheel 2.0.


  • 6,000 MAGIC in the daily pool from Harvesters
  • A total of 450k gFLY/LP locked in Flywheel 2.0 for an average of 300 days
  • User A stakes 10k MAGIC and 1,000 gFLY for 365 days
  • Result: a combined yield of ~59% APR on their 10k MAGIC
  • User A would also be earning gFLY emissions from their 1,000 gFLY.

More details on the structure and benefits of Flywheel 2.0 are available here.


BattleFly is an experimental game and all things, Wastelands included, are subject to change over time as we work to build a successful game. The BattleFly DAO will have governance over the game and game assets, and has the right to vote on and change game mechanics. Any decisions to participate or play should be made with this spirit in mind.




BattleFly is an experimental PvP/P2P defi strategy game built on top of the @Treasure_DAO ecosystem, powered by $Magic.